Episode 081: He’d Rather Be In The Ring Than Wear It

By Help Person|August 21, 2018|Show notes, Uncategorized|

Episode 81: He’d Rather Be In The Ring Than Wear It with special guest Frankie Estrella aka Mr Top Notch Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss how jobs/careers really impact our relationships. For instance, in comedy it’s really hard to date someone who’s not a performer. Most people don’t really understand why their partner is hanging out at a bar all night. They don’t perceive that to be real work. It’s the same for many performers. They keep different hours, they’re not sitting behind a desk, it’s a very creative environment. And because it’s not really structured, it’s hard for other people to relate. The same can be said for people with more traditional jobs. If someone works long hours, he/she may be more likely to date someone in the same field because they get it. Meet Frankie “Mr. Top Notch” Estrella. Frankie is an Improviser, Clown Performer, Former World Power Wrestling Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, and Host of W.T.F.E. Podcast (listen on SoundCloud). Frankie has never been married and he’s not so sure he wants to ever get married. He finds that most people end up divorced or not valuing their vows – so what’s the point? Frankie keeps late hours and works out

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