Episode 013: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 013: Be Healthy with special guest Suzy Hardy …So without FURTHER ADO My review on your podcast: It was different in that Suzy experienced break-up relationships versus an actual divorce. Let me elaborate on how I look at that. That is basically lost love and time together. Where in marriage there is a stronger commitment and sometimes with religion involved and sometimes not. It is more of a process with engagement, wedding planning, bridal showers, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Sorry  I can’t spell that one. Anyway, what I’m saying is, generally speaking…by the time the wedding takes place, a couple has spent more time together. Deciding on where to live buying furniture, house wares etc., possibly with family and friends approval. And t’s so much more than that. It’s talking over finances, bank accounts and how you handle all of that for your future years together. A divorce involves so much more aside from heartache. Dividing all that a couple acquires, cars, house, kids, joint bank accounts. Not easy to do when you are diminishing the dreams while you are hurting. It can be a long process to get through and acquiring a lawyer only adds to expenses. My take on a relationship: I

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Episode 000: Hello

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Get to know your hosts Leanne and “The Boyfriend”, introduced by Suzy Hardy co-host of the Food Heals Podcast. Our introduction to the world! Get to know your hosts as they are introduced by Suzy Hardy, co-host of the Food Heals Podcast, fellow actor, and writer. Suzy and Leanne have been friends for at least six years and have seen each other through some good times and bad, including breakups, startups, acting gigs, auditions, and life. Leanne Linsky is a two-time divorcee who decided to take the two things she knows well – comedy and divorce – and marry them into a business . After her second divorce, she remembers lying on her bedroom floor in the fetal position thinking, “I’m not going to let this make me into a bitter old woman with nine cats. I want to make this into the best thing that ever happened.” And so she did. Leanne began saying yes to new opportunities every chance she could. A co-worker suggested she take an improv class and she did. That was it for her. Leanne was hooked. Improv gave her a healthy outlet and, as a result, taught her how to improve her communications skills, gave her a new perspective,

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