Episode 035: Single Moms Planet

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Episode 035: Single Moms Planet with special guest Neferteri Plessy Yaassss! Leanne and The Boyfriend announce the opening of the online store. Be sure to check out our retail therapy page! Meet Neferteri Plessy, Founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet. Neferteri is a single mom of two young boys, divorcee, and ready to take on the world! She’s been divorced seven years and was married for five. Divorce is definitely a lot easier now that time has passed and she’s found ways to manage single motherhood. Once the shock of divorce wore off, Neferteri found that she has more support than ever. Although Neferteri is a divorcee, she is strong believer of marriage. She shares tips on setting boundaries without being harsh and gives examples. Being specific with asks, giving dates and times, and making sure people understand the boundary are key to success as a single mom. The more specific we are the better, and men tend to be okay with that. Subtlety doesn’t work. (The Boyfriend agrees!) Women lead with emotion and think men should understand how they feel. Men don’t think that way. (Again, The Boyfriend agrees!) The boundaries extend to your kids. Neferteri gives us examples how kids always seem

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Episode 026: Triple Threat

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Episode 026: Triple Threat with special guest Karen Beach As we know, divorce affects everyone. However, it affects some more than others. For instance, I’ve been divorced twice, which is two more times than I would have liked, but it happened. If I had children, they would have been affected twice, too. So what about children of divorce who grow up and have a divorce of their own? That’s a double whammie! Now those divorced children of divorce are back out there dating and run into other divorcees. Bam! That’s a 3-pointer right there. It’s hard enough handling it from one angle, but they’re getting it from all sides. How does someone handle that? Meet Karen Beach, child of divorce, divorcee, and divorced child of divorce dating other divorcees. As we call it in theater, “she’s a triple threat!” Karen’s parents divorced when she was thirteen and her dad’s bipolar disorder was creating issues. Karen was very aware of what was happening and began to take on a lot of the household responsibilities as her parent’s focus began to change. Her father’s bipolar disorder wasn’t out in the open, but as Karen sought guidance from teachers and some independent research, she eventually figured it out.

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