Episode 077: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 077: Stressed? It’s time to trust your gut! with special guest Dr. Patricia May Dr Patricia May was very informative on our health issues and how to deal with them. She shared on how to lead a stress free life — physically and even more so mentally. She specifically talked about listening to our gut. The gut is our second brain.  Dr. May spends time doing an intense history on her patients. She looks for patterns to puts issues in perspective. She addresses your eating habits and any allergies to help you manage your body on a chemical level. She may even do urine, blood, allergy or even a Dutch test to help her in making your diagnosis. As an expert in the field of functional medicine, she focuses a lot on diet. Proper diet diet can help diabetics and can often reduce symptoms. Stress is a huge factor in our world today, so along with getting our digestive system in good working order, we need to take time out for fun, exercise, spirituality, sleep, and time for ourselves. It’s so nice that there is a smart alternative method to reducing our stress. It all makes sense. Dr. May summed up her thoughts with, “Step back, educate yourself,

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Episode 077: Stressed? It’s time to trust your gut!

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Episode 77: Stressed? It’s time to trust your gut! With special guest Dr. Patricia May Leanne and The Boyfriend are ready to let go of some stress this week. In addition to taking their bike rides, they’ve also been making a point to do some yoga. They’ve been noticing that their high stress levels can really take a toll which inspired a conversation with Dr. May this week.   07:00 Meet Dr. Patricia May. Dr May is a licensed Chiropractor and Radiologic Technologist in the state of California. She is an experienced practitioner of both Acupressure Relief Technique and Neurofeedback. Dr. May has over 30 years of experience treating and educating patients and postgraduate students in the areas of natural health care. She has a passion for helping others to maintain and regain their health through natural medicine. She believes that information and education are the keys to achieving optimum health. Stress can expose many symptoms, fatigue, hyperactivity, sleeplessness, anxiety, no energy, depression, and more. 10:02 Functional medicine looks at the body as a whole. A specialist looks at one specific part, but Dr. May looks at how everything is interacting. She examines what you’re putting into your body, your external environment, lifestyle, and symptoms

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Episode 032: Ripping Off the Rose Colored Glasses

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Life Lafter Divorce Podcast Episode 032 Ripping Off the Rose Colored Glasses with special guest Olivia Neely Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss the responses they received from last week’s Question of the Week: How did you spend your first holiday after your separation or divorce? Very fun! Thank you to our awesome Integram followers! And yes, Leanne even read the spam. Leanne asks The Boyfriend if his friends or family ever told him, “Hey, we think you’re with the wrong person”. Yes, some people have, but The Boyfriend already knew that and wasn’t at those women as long-term anyway. Then The Boyfriend said he’s actually told some of his friends that about their significant others. Leanne said that her family didn’t really say anything about her husbands (or most boyfriends) until after the fact. Would she have listened? Probably not. Probably should have. A few friends have said that to her about some of the people she dated, but again, Leanne didn’t listen. (Ha. She showed them… :-/ ) Our friend Mom-nonymous happened to read a story in the Washington Post on Sunday about the Philly Naked Bike Ride. The article talked about the event and had interviewed several participants as to why they had

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Episode 031: Time Out!

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Episode 031: Time Out! with Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend Hey! This is a quickie! Leanne and The Boyfriend are taking some time out… Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend return after a long holiday weekend. Labor Day weekend is our last summer holiday. It’s often spent at special family outings and get-togethers, parties and bbqs with friends. This year Leanne did something different and took some extra time off from work (for a five day weekend!) to spend time on her passion project, Life Lafter Divorce. She wanted to take time to do nothing but things she wanted to do. As a result, she feels great. Leanne thinks back to when she went back to her divorce, she would spend time alone or go visit her parents and work on projects. It was a nice get away from her normal routine. Holidays are typically spent with friends and families, which can be difficult to be around during a divorce. Sometimes Leanne didn’t want to be social, answer questions, or be around the holiday chaos. She started seeking and appreciating time alone. Spending time alone is a great opportunity to recharge our batteries. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. How to do we do that? Leanne

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