Episode 063: Deal Breakers

By Help Person|April 17, 2018|Show notes, Uncategorized|

Episode 063: Deal Breakers with Leanne & The Boyfriend Welcome back! Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss nut cups at weddings. Leanne wanted to revisit last week’s episode when she mentioned nut cups at weddings. A friend heard Leanne say that and suggested she don’t say it again because nut cups are old and out-dated. Nobody does that anymore. Then The Boyfriend brings up Russel Crow’s jockstrap. Someone raffled it off for $8,000. 3:42 This week’s topic: Deal Breakers. Once you’ve been divorced, do your deal breakers change? And are your deal breakers different for marriage then they are for just dating? The Boyfriend feels that deal breakers change over time. Deal breakers in high school would be different then relationships later in life. Leanne didn’t go to prom with someone with the nickname Satan. She probably wouldn’t date someone who wore Crocs with socks back then. Of course, Crocs didn’t exist then either. Leanne mentions she doesn’t really like black socks with shorts. The Boyfriend said it depends on how short the shorts are. 06:29 Remember Seinfeld? Elaine dated the close talker and many other people with annoying habits. The Boyfriend said bad manners are a deal breaker for him. He doesn’t like it when

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