Episode 081: He’d Rather Be In The Ring Than Wear It

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Episode 81: He’d Rather Be In The Ring Than Wear It with special guest Frankie Estrella aka Mr Top Notch Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss how jobs/careers really impact our relationships. For instance, in comedy it’s really hard to date someone who’s not a performer. Most people don’t really understand why their partner is hanging out at a bar all night. They don’t perceive that to be real work. It’s the same for many performers. They keep different hours, they’re not sitting behind a desk, it’s a very creative environment. And because it’s not really structured, it’s hard for other people to relate. The same can be said for people with more traditional jobs. If someone works long hours, he/she may be more likely to date someone in the same field because they get it. Meet Frankie “Mr. Top Notch” Estrella. Frankie is an Improviser, Clown Performer, Former World Power Wrestling Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion, and Host of W.T.F.E. Podcast (listen on SoundCloud). Frankie has never been married and he’s not so sure he wants to ever get married. He finds that most people end up divorced or not valuing their vows – so what’s the point? Frankie keeps late hours and works out

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Episode 071: Sexy Boss Part 1 of 1

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Episode 071: Sexy Boss Part 1 of 2 with special guest Heather Ann Havenwood Heather Ann Havenwood returns! We continue our conversation, picking up at her awesome calf-roping analogy. Heather was named by Huffington Post™ as one of the ‘Top 50-Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs’, is an Entrepreneur.com contributor and regarded as a top authority on digital marketing strategies and online business sales systems. Heather is a fierce and independent woman who happens to be a child of divorce and survivor of three engagements. Full Transcript: Leanne & BF: 00:00:09 Episode Seventy One, I am your host, Leanne Linsky, and I’m The Boyfriend. Welcome back to another wonderful week of divorce. They just keep coming and we’re excited to be here. Every time you guys. While you’re out there tuning in, make sure you rate, review, and subscribe while you’re out there not driving and you’re safely at a computer, your tablet, your phone check out life after divorce.com. We have all kinds of good stuff on there for you. So this week boyfriend, I’m really excited about our guest, uh, to catch everybody up. The last three episodes were a trilogy with Glen, Chris and misty or Glenn, Mistopher, or Christy Glen. It’s Kinda my Bradjalina-ing

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Episode 055: Real vs Reality Relationships

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Episode 55: Real vs. Reality Relationships with special guest Rhonda Richards-Smith Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss celebrity gossip and the fact that The Boyfriend doesn’t follow any celebrity anything.  Although he did hear that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston recently ran into each other, The Boyfriend says Leanne is enough to worry about. LLD’s blogger, Mom-nonymous LOVES celebrity gossip so she’ll love this episode. 05:30 Rhonda Richards-Smith is an award-winning psychotherapist & relationship expert. Her advice has been featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Huffington Post, BravoTV, Ebony Magazine, Teen Vogue and Glamour Magazine among others. In 2016, she was inducted into the inaugural “Women of Worth” class for her leadership in the mental health and relationship space by Los Angeles-based company, Worthy Women. In 2017, Match.com CEO Mandy Ginsberg also named her as one of the top dating and relationship experts in the country. Withover 15 years of experience, Rhonda is passionate about helping people improve their personal lives, relationships with others and overall emotional health. Rhonda is married with two daughters who happen to be selling Girl Scout Cookies. Reach out to Rhonda and order yours now! Rhonda works with couples, as well as, singles and some celebrities. She often works on articles with

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Episode 005: Kiss On My List

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Episode 005: Kiss On My List (pros & cons of being married/single) with special guest John Lenore What changes do we make in our lifestyle when we divorce? Aspiring writer and comic, John Lenore, weighs the pros and cons of being married/single and the benefits and pitfalls of post divorce dating. Full Transcript Leanne: 00:00:08 Welcome to episode five. We’re back again for the fifth time. Five times. I am Leanne Linsky, your host. The Boyfriend: 00:00:18 I’m the boyfriend. Leanne: 00:00:19 You still are. The Boyfriend: 00:00:21 You’re lucky. You’re lucky. I’m still around here. Leanne: 00:00:27 You’re lucky. Mr Five is a record for me. The Boyfriend: 00:00:31 Probably me too. The Boyfriend: 00:00:34 So, but what, what do we got today? What’s, what, what are we, what are we going to talk about? Leanne: 00:00:39 Well, today I actually have a scenario for you, so. Yeah, exactly. So I’m going to give you a little scenario. I’m gonna ask you to name five things for me. So the scenario is you are a newly divorced and you have decided that you’re going to take some time off for yourself and not date. You’re not dating, you’re broken hearted. You are not dating.

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