Episode 096: The Funny Thing About Relationships

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Episode 096: The Funny Thing About Relationships with special guest Barry Weisenberg Meet Barry Weisenberg, Comedian, King of the One Liners, and winner of Las Vegas Comedy Festival 2006. We talk about how comedy affects our relationships and how relationships affect our comedy. We even talk about how conversations have changed over the years both on stage and on dates. We spend some time talking nuts & bolts of stand up which are very similar to dating. Both take practice, patience, and the willingness to keep going. Links:  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/barry.weisenberg IG @ barryweisenberg Full Transcript:  Leanne: 00:00:05 Welcome to Life Lafter Divorce, episode 96. I am your host Leanne Linsky. The Boyfriend: 00:00:10 And I’m the boyfriend. Leanne: 00:00:11 Welcome back to another wonderful week of… The Boyfriend: 00:00:13 That’s my cue? Leanne: 00:00:18 That’s your cue. We even had movement here, folks, a little dance. The whole thing. Hey, I’m excited to be back this week. Yes, I am. I am very excited. It’s actually getting closer to the holidays. We’re in December now. Leanne: 00:00:33 That’s right. It is. Yeah. Yeah. So this is all good stuff. That lovely time of year and hey, why are you guys are out there getting comfy, grabbing

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Episode 078: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 078: We’re Moving In Together with Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend I have all the answers to your conversation on moving in together — which is a BIG move. The Boyfriend and Leanne have their challenges ahead of them. He is used to living alone and no-one touches his belongings. He is a creature of habit and convenience for himself. The clean dishes stay in the dish drainer. It saves him time I get that. Also, his entry table is his stuff right where he wants it when he’s going out the door. What fun they have ahead of them! Leanne must be a neat freak like so many females. Ladies like to clean and also LOVE LOVE to decorate. Get ready for some surprises, Boyfriend. Sunday afternoons fill with browsing in stores looking for more pretty stuff. Yay! She will say the walking is just a great way to get exercise, especially on a rainy day. That’s (shopping and decorating) what we ladies all love. If that’s’ not for you.  You can always hide her car keys and purse, make some popcorn, and ask her to watch a must see football game with you. Will she be Ok with your idea? Maybe, maybe not. Making a commitment

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Episode 077: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 077: Stressed? It’s time to trust your gut! with special guest Dr. Patricia May Dr Patricia May was very informative on our health issues and how to deal with them. She shared on how to lead a stress free life — physically and even more so mentally. She specifically talked about listening to our gut. The gut is our second brain.  Dr. May spends time doing an intense history on her patients. She looks for patterns to puts issues in perspective. She addresses your eating habits and any allergies to help you manage your body on a chemical level. She may even do urine, blood, allergy or even a Dutch test to help her in making your diagnosis. As an expert in the field of functional medicine, she focuses a lot on diet. Proper diet diet can help diabetics and can often reduce symptoms. Stress is a huge factor in our world today, so along with getting our digestive system in good working order, we need to take time out for fun, exercise, spirituality, sleep, and time for ourselves. It’s so nice that there is a smart alternative method to reducing our stress. It all makes sense. Dr. May summed up her thoughts with, “Step back, educate yourself,

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Episode 075: Marry. Divorce. Repeat with Leanne Linsky & The Boyfriend

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Episode 075: Marry. Divorce. Repeat. with Leanne Linsky & The Boyfriend Have you OR are you willing to remarry your spouse? 02:00 Have you ever relapsed with a relationship? Gone back to the ex? Did you remarry? Leanne asks The Boyfriend and he has. He’s gone back to continue the relationship and back to someone just to hook up. It turns out it never worked out. Obviously, since he’s here with Leanne. 06:35 The Boyfriend explains that when he did get back together with one of his exes, who we’ll call Marsha. Marsha turned out to be unstable and stalker-ish. This is The Boyfriend’s way of saying she’s a crazy bitch. Marsha did end up getting professional help afterward. The Boyfriend said that Marsha actually started hitting herself, literally beating herself up in front of him. He had to restrain her and her friends had to come pick herup and help out. The Boyfriend has not spoken to Marsha since. 08:32 The Boyfriend hastried making things work with some of his other exes, but people don’t change. He thinks that when we’re younger there’s more opportunity to make it work and we have a bigger chance of trying to change or make it work. But

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Episode 074: Independence Day

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Episode 074: Independence Day with Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend Happy Fourth of July! In honor of the holiday, let’s talk about maintaining your independence in relationships. Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about how they’ve remained, or not remained, independent. Leanne always starts out independent in relationships, but sometimes (depending on the relationship) it goes sideways. It seems like there is one person in the couple who is more independent than the other. Or as The Boyfriend says, the alpha person. Maybe one person is more invested in the relationship. Maybe it ebbs and flows as the relationship evolves over time. Independence is not the same as invested. Just because someone is independent doesn’t mean they’re not as invested in the relationship. 03:45 The Boyfriend admits that when he isn’t as invested, he does become the more dominant person. He sets the tone. 04:48 So what keeps you independent? We talked about making sure you have hobbies and and work and things to do. But having space or physical distance is everything that makes us independent. Let’s break it down. Independence has several parts – spiritual, physical space or time, emotional or mental, and financial. Spiritual independence can actually be a dealbreaker for some couples

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Episode 073: When Life Happens

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Episode 073: When Life Happens with special guest David Hicok David Hicok, a Long Beach local and financial investor, shares his divorce journey. After taking steps to further his education and improve his career, his marriage came to a sudden end. How can a relationship last over a decade only to fizzle out when life gets lifey? David picks up the pieces and emerges from the dark cloud to find new love and a new life waiting. Links: www.lifelafterdivorce.com www.twitter.com/lafterdivorce https://www.facebook.com/LifeLafterDivorce/ https://www.instagram.com/lifelafterdivorce/

Episode 061: Thoughts from Mom-Nonymous

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Episode 061: Seeing The Bigger (Legal) Picture with special guest Marilyn B. Chinitz Such great advice from Marilyn B. Chinitz, divorce attorney from Blank Rome LLP. With 35 years of experience behind her, she knows the Do’s and Don’ts of seeing clients through the process. #1 on her list is be informed on your state laws on divorce. #2 Know your net worth, finances, houses , cars,whatever you have accrued as a couple. #3 You need to know about your taxes. This is quite a learning experience and the more you know, the more you will be empowered throughout the process. Divorce can take a lot of time. If you have a prenup, it’s a contract and should be protected. Custody of children is such a touchy subject and can sometimes be hurtful and nasty. Do not bad mouth your spouse in front of kids it scars them forever. Don’t put any of this on social media, computers, or phones. NOT SMART. If you are offered a great sum of money in lieu of your house from your spouse, think it over and check out what repercussions you may be in for. Sometimes it’s not so smart and will cost you in taxes down the road. When this is

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Episode 000: Hello

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Get to know your hosts Leanne and “The Boyfriend”, introduced by Suzy Hardy co-host of the Food Heals Podcast. Our introduction to the world! Get to know your hosts as they are introduced by Suzy Hardy, co-host of the Food Heals Podcast, fellow actor, and writer. Suzy and Leanne have been friends for at least six years and have seen each other through some good times and bad, including breakups, startups, acting gigs, auditions, and life. Leanne Linsky is a two-time divorcee who decided to take the two things she knows well – comedy and divorce – and marry them into a business . After her second divorce, she remembers lying on her bedroom floor in the fetal position thinking, “I’m not going to let this make me into a bitter old woman with nine cats. I want to make this into the best thing that ever happened.” And so she did. Leanne began saying yes to new opportunities every chance she could. A co-worker suggested she take an improv class and she did. That was it for her. Leanne was hooked. Improv gave her a healthy outlet and, as a result, taught her how to improve her communications skills, gave her a new perspective,

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