Episode 068: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 068: Claude, Maude, and Neil before Zod with special guests Chris, Misty, and Glenn Chris shares how being a child of divorce has affected him. As his story unfolds, we learn it is so much more. Come on! Your Grandparents were having an affair with one another? Are you kidding me???   Chris’s parents married and like lots of couples during the Vietnam War, Mom stayed home with Chris’s brother. Dad returns and is not the same guy. He’s mistreating her and womanizing. Thandks tothe GI bill dad went to college to get his degree. They divorce and Mom goes to work. Chris and his older brother are separated each living with different Grandparents. His older brother is sexually abused by Grandpa. He now becomes really mean and picks not only on Chris but neighbor kids and animals too. He always refers to Chris as a piece of shit and tells him he’ll never amount to anything. However, now that dad remarried and is a happier man, he treats Chris much better. His mother remarried and is now in a stable place. Moving on, Chris enters highschool and his insecurities set in. His comfort zone is music and being funny. Looking forward to hearing

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Episode 039: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 039: Successfully Married Mom of a Divorcee with special guest Anne In listening in to yesterdays podcast, I came to the conclusion that there is a big difference in marriage between our generations. Your guest is also a mom of a divorcee. After listening, I realize that she and I have many similarities – from our beliefs of marriage to the reasons why ours have been long-lasting. We grew up in a different era and in a different society with a different way of thinking. We raised our children similarly and instilled our ideas in them. But long gone are the days of children addressing adults as Mr. and Mrs. That’s old fashioned, and so is our way of evaluating a good marriage. The world around us has changed. Religion in ones’ wedding ceremony commitment does not make it everlasting the way our parents had always thought and believed. Woman work today, and some with better paying jobs than their husbands. They too, are smart. Divorce can sometimes be the only way to bring happiness back into one’s life. When our children tell us they are going to take this step, it is up to us as parents to listen and understand their reasoning. Being

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Episode 003: Stuck in the Middle

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Episode 003: Stuck in the Middle (of her parent’s divorce) with special guest Abby Deely Our parents experience doesn’t necessarily determine our own, but they most certainly have an impact. Comedian Abby Deely gives us her perspective on her parents tug-o-war breakup. Abby performs at clubs and colleges in the New Jersey and New York area and will be a featured performer in Escaping Trump’s America; a collection of liberal minded comics at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2017. Full Transcript: Leanne & The BF: 00:09 Hey, welcome to life after divorce, episode three. We are here. I am Leanne Linsky And boyfriend. Yes you are, Mr. for so happy to be here today. We have lots of good stuff to talk about. So what are we talking about this week? This week we are going to talk about. Well obviously divorce, but I was thinking about this. I’ve been married and divorced twice and yet my parents had been married for about 55 years. Fifty five years. Isn’t that incredible? The Boyfriend: 00:46 It is because they got my parents be. Oh, bought about eight or nine years. My parents have been married for 48, 47 years. Leanne: 00:56 That’s longer than we’ve

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