Episode 073: When Life Happens

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Episode 073: When Life Happens with special guest David Hicok David Hicok, a Long Beach local and financial investor, shares his divorce journey. After taking steps to further his education and improve his career, his marriage came to a sudden end. How can a relationship last over a decade only to fizzle out when life gets lifey? David picks up the pieces and emerges from the dark cloud to find new love and a new life waiting. Links: www.lifelafterdivorce.com www.twitter.com/lafterdivorce https://www.facebook.com/LifeLafterDivorce/ https://www.instagram.com/lifelafterdivorce/

Episode 059: Narcissist Abuse Support Part 2 of 2

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Episode 059: Narcissist Abuse Support Part 2 of 2 with special guest Tracy Malone Welcome back! We’re here for part 2 of 2 with Tracy Malone! This week we talk about what red flags we should watch for to avoid becoming a victim of a narcissist. 03:20 Tracy Malone was a victim of narcissistic abuse and has decided to educate the world on the red flags and signs of abuse. She started a YouTube channel that has reached over 350,000 all over the world, her website NarcissistAbuseSupport.com has quickly earned ratings of being in the top 50 narcissist abuse websites. She now coaches victims of abuse, hosts live support groups and her Facebook group has almost 4500 members from all over the world. Upon learning about narcissists Tracy figured out why she was a target and why her divorce was called by the judge in her case as ‘the most tortured divorce in her town’s history’. She will share with us some of her tips she has learned and help you prepare for battle. Tracy is currently writing a book on divorcing a narcissist with money and his family. This was not a battle she was prepared for, yet she would like to help you

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Episode 051: It’s time to level up!

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Episode 051: It’s time to level up! with special guest Katie Maggio Our fifty second episode anniversary of Life Lafter Divorce is seriously right around the corner! We’re so close! Just one episode away! AND…our one year anniversary is on Valentine’s Day! Woohoo! Leanne and The Boyfriend wonder what happens after the grieving period of divorce. What’s next? It’s not uncommon 03:55 Meet Katie Maggio, mompreneur, host of the Level 10 Lifestyle Show (formerly titled Meaningful Moments) on iTunes, and creator of the Level 10 Method. This method was formed from the ashes of her divorce and incorporated into her life coaching. Katie living in New England with her husband and two children. She’s passionate about helping others raise their game in relationships (especially divorce!), careers, wellness, and finance. 14:20 Katie has been married 3 years to her second husband. 15:00 The Level 10 method came from the ashes of Katies divorce. She looked at herself and said, “how can I better myself?” She’s always seemed to be the go to person for advice, which some people liked and some people didn’t. Katie found herself helping a friend through her divorce and her friend said, “I hope someday I can be a level 10 like you.”

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Episode 039: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 039: Successfully Married Mom of a Divorcee with special guest Anne In listening in to yesterdays podcast, I came to the conclusion that there is a big difference in marriage between our generations. Your guest is also a mom of a divorcee. After listening, I realize that she and I have many similarities – from our beliefs of marriage to the reasons why ours have been long-lasting. We grew up in a different era and in a different society with a different way of thinking. We raised our children similarly and instilled our ideas in them. But long gone are the days of children addressing adults as Mr. and Mrs. That’s old fashioned, and so is our way of evaluating a good marriage. The world around us has changed. Religion in ones’ wedding ceremony commitment does not make it everlasting the way our parents had always thought and believed. Woman work today, and some with better paying jobs than their husbands. They too, are smart. Divorce can sometimes be the only way to bring happiness back into one’s life. When our children tell us they are going to take this step, it is up to us as parents to listen and understand their reasoning. Being

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Episode 038: Modern Split Part 2 of 2

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Episode 038: Modern Split with special guest Claire McCarthy Leanne and The Boyfriend review the Question of the Week from episode 37. Claire McCarthy,  Founder and CEO of Modern Split, is back! Claire is a certified divorce coach and former family law paralegal with nearly twenty years in and around the judicial system. Modern Split provides tips, tools and resources that don’t require a law degree to understand. Modern Split was founded on a simple premise. “See a need. Fill a need.” – Big Weld. Robots 2005. Modern Split has a great website that really shows you what they’re all about. They’re straightforward and candid. They offer support and resources, but don’t sugarcoat anything. They’re not for everyone. They are not going to bash men or screw over your husband. It’s not women versus men. They do empower women, but it’s not about hating the other side. When Claire went through her own divorce, her attorney reminded her, “Hey, I’m just going to remind you, you married him.” It was a good reminder for her. She needed to take som ownership in this. It wasn’t always bad. “I have to remember this wasn’t always DEF CON 5.” “Getting a divorce sucks, but being divorced doesn’t

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Episode 032: Ripping Off the Rose Colored Glasses

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Life Lafter Divorce Podcast Episode 032 Ripping Off the Rose Colored Glasses with special guest Olivia Neely Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss the responses they received from last week’s Question of the Week: How did you spend your first holiday after your separation or divorce? Very fun! Thank you to our awesome Integram followers! And yes, Leanne even read the spam. Leanne asks The Boyfriend if his friends or family ever told him, “Hey, we think you’re with the wrong person”. Yes, some people have, but The Boyfriend already knew that and wasn’t at those women as long-term anyway. Then The Boyfriend said he’s actually told some of his friends that about their significant others. Leanne said that her family didn’t really say anything about her husbands (or most boyfriends) until after the fact. Would she have listened? Probably not. Probably should have. A few friends have said that to her about some of the people she dated, but again, Leanne didn’t listen. (Ha. She showed them… :-/ ) Our friend Mom-nonymous happened to read a story in the Washington Post on Sunday about the Philly Naked Bike Ride. The article talked about the event and had interviewed several participants as to why they had

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Episode 031: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 31: Time Out! with Leanne Linsky & The Boyfriend I enjoyed the short podcast about taking time out for oneself. It’s so important when lives are at a crossroad, especially after a break up or divorce. Nice discussion by our hosts Leanne and The Boyfriend. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous.

Episode 030: Loving & Mediating Divorce

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Episode 030: Loving & Mediating Divorce with special guest Tara Eisenhard Leanne and The Boyfriend are recording this episode on a Friday night (not very adventurous people, are they?) when most people are out and about or maybe at home watching a movie. Speaking of movies, what movies have you seen about divorce? How many are there? Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss which ones they remember. Wedding Crashers Liar Liar Doubtfire War of the Roses Irreconcilable Differences The Parent Trap Parenthood There are more movies than they can remember. Brian asks Leanne if she remembers much about Wedding Crashers, specifically, does she remember that the main characters are actually divorce mediators? Yes, she does. They briefly discuss the open scene and then quickly digress. What a tough job it would be to mediate someone’s divorce. What kind of services do they offer? Who hires a mediator? Neither of them has ever known a mediator and Leanne never had to use one her divorces. What do people generally know about mediators? Inquiring minds want to know. Leanne happens to follow a mediator on Instagram and she got curious. After looking at this person’s website Leanne learned that this mediator LOVES divorce and her mission is to change

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Episode 028: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 028: Crazy Dates, Cops, & A Book with special guest Robert James My very favorite podcast. Fun and entertaining. Robert James goes back into the dating world after 20 some years of married life. He found out it had changed big time. In the process, a friend suggested he change his wardrobe and maybe even his hair style. He did update his wardrobe,but the hair style has stayed. Online dating was his choice — first just emails, then phone conversations and then the dates. His assistant at work would always inquire about how the dates worked out for him. After hearing how different the dates were she suggested he keep a journal. So he did. Who knew this would inspire Robert to write a book?! He self-published his work. His son suggested he open a Twitter account and post excerpts from his book. He now has over 35,000 followers. His book “Next! The Search For My Last First Date” has drawn attention from a Hollywood screenwriter with the possibility of being made into a movie. Robert shared various date stories about the strange things these woman did. They were so funny and unbelievable. I was totally entertained. It was such fun to listen to. I

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Episode 027: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 027: What’s your divorce plan with Leanne Linsky & The Boyfriend I did listen to today  podcast and found it a worthwhile topic. So many of us have at one time or another thought about this either for ourselves, friends, or even family members. A couple’s state of mind can vary due to their circumstances. It can be very emotional, hateful, or spiteful. It can still be quite the undertaking in even the best cases. Your reminding listeners about state law is so important. Sharing the cost also is also important. Couples should undo their assets fairly and in a timely fashion along with deciding who takes what. Dealing with the children and pets are probably the hardest, as there are many emotions to deal with. Divorce has to be the most difficult and heart wrenching thing a couple can go through. Great advice today. Love your podcast. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous. Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/life-lafter-divorce/id1234368345?mt=2 Listen on Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/life-lafter-divorce