Episode 005: Thoughts from Mom-Nonymous

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Episode 005: Kiss on My List with special guest John Lenore You had your best guest on today. Loved all that he had to say! There was so much more info from him since he brought his notes. And it helped that he talked about it with a friend prior to recording to refresh all his ups and downs in the process of splitting up.  NICE PODCAST & GUEST. You two and your guests covered it all including the money issue. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous. Listen on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/life-lafter-divorce/id1234368345?mt=2 Listen on Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/life-lafter-divorce  

Episode 005: Kiss On My List

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Episode 005: Kiss On My List (pros & cons of being married/single) with special guest John Lenore What changes do we make in our lifestyle when we divorce? Aspiring writer and comic, John Lenore, weighs the pros and cons of being married/single and the benefits and pitfalls of post divorce dating. Full Transcript Leanne: 00:00:08 Welcome to episode five. We’re back again for the fifth time. Five times. I am Leanne Linsky, your host. The Boyfriend: 00:00:18 I’m the boyfriend. Leanne: 00:00:19 You still are. The Boyfriend: 00:00:21 You’re lucky. You’re lucky. I’m still around here. Leanne: 00:00:27 You’re lucky. Mr Five is a record for me. The Boyfriend: 00:00:31 Probably me too. The Boyfriend: 00:00:34 So, but what, what do we got today? What’s, what, what are we, what are we going to talk about? Leanne: 00:00:39 Well, today I actually have a scenario for you, so. Yeah, exactly. So I’m going to give you a little scenario. I’m gonna ask you to name five things for me. So the scenario is you are a newly divorced and you have decided that you’re going to take some time off for yourself and not date. You’re not dating, you’re broken hearted. You are not dating.

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