Episode 000: Hello

By lifelafterdivorce|February 14, 2017|Show notes, Uncategorized|

Get to know your hosts Leanne and “The Boyfriend”, introduced by Suzy Hardy co-host of the Food Heals Podcast. Our introduction to the world! Get to know your hosts as they are introduced by Suzy Hardy, co-host of the Food Heals Podcast, fellow actor, and writer. Suzy and Leanne have been friends for at least six years and have seen each other through some good times and bad, including breakups, startups, acting gigs, auditions, and life. Leanne Linsky is a two-time divorcee who decided to take the two things she knows well – comedy and divorce – and marry them into a business . After her second divorce, she remembers lying on her bedroom floor in the fetal position thinking, “I’m not going to let this make me into a bitter old woman with nine cats. I want to make this into the best thing that ever happened.” And so she did. Leanne began saying yes to new opportunities every chance she could. A co-worker suggested she take an improv class and she did. That was it for her. Leanne was hooked. Improv gave her a healthy outlet and, as a result, taught her how to improve her communications skills, gave her a new perspective,

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