Episode 085: Thoughts From Mom-nonymous

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Episode 085: Overcoming the Pain of Infidelity with special guest Teri Lynnn Wilkins Teri Lynn is a life coach specializing in cheating, betrayal, and infidelity.  Teri Lynn’s story begins with her living the dream, married with two kids, and living in a nice home on a golf course. She had a large social circle and was active in charitable causes. She also cheated on her hubby, and found him unattractive. One Christmas day she shared that she wanted out. He asked if maybe they could work it out. She chose to leave it all behind. Cheating with someone can make you feel good about yourself regardless of the cost. But on the other hand, you become the bitch. Teri Lynn has experienced both cheating and being cheated on.Betrayal leaves open wounds and scars forever. She was a broken woman looking for intimacy and a way to feel good about herself. Her boyfriend was going through divorce but couldn’t just walk out. He had kids, too. After Teri Lynn’s divorce, the boyfriend and his wife were off and on again. Teri Lynn was not doing well financially and neither was her boyfriend. Teri Lynn was feeling the turmoil and guilt of what this was doing, not only

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Episode 085: Overcoming The Pain Of Infidelity

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Episode 085: Overcoming The Pain Of Infidelity with special guest Teri Lynn Wilkins If you’ve been cheated on or if you’ve been the cheater, you know the pain and long-term affects it has on your life. What if you could turn it around and make it a positive? Our guest this week can just do that! Teri Lynn Wilkins is a 15 year veteran Life Coach and her specialty is cheating, infidelity, and betrayal. Teri’s clients are courageous women who transcend betrayal to become the authentic, passionate, and strong women they’ve always wanted to be. Teri Lynn shares her own personal story and how she’s gone from being the villain and the victim to a thriving life coach helping others turn their lives around. Full Transcript: Leanne : 00:07 Welcome to life lafter divorce podcast, episode 85. I am your host, Leanne Linsky. Welcome back to another wonderful week of divorce. Break up! The Boyrfriend: 00:21 Is a fall week of divorce better than the summer. Leanne: 00:25 I was trying to rhyme something break up and make up or something. But yeah, I guess it just keeps getting better. You know The Boyfriend: 00:31 the fall is a beautiful season. Leanne : 00:32 It

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Episode 049: For Better or For Worse Part 2 of 2

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Episode 049: For Better or For Worse Part 2 of 2 with Larry and Christina Johnson. Leanne and The Boyfriend return for Part 2 of 2 with Larry and Christina Johnson. We return to find out what Christina did next. “I I flip the switch and went smooth off on him.”  Christina had Larry come shop for lingerie with her. Lingerie that she was going to wear with another man. Christina admits that if Larry would have just showed he cared – that he was jealous, she would’ve stopped. But he didn’t. She proceded. It wasn’t until the night Christina slept with someone else that Larry decided to make some changes. Christina didn’t expect that. She thought they were 100% done and that’s why she moved on. But they weren’t done. Larry did a 180. He went back to church, he apologized for everything he’d done. He even redid that marriage proposal — he redid with a ring and on his knees at a restaurant. Larry wanted to go back to counseling so they did. Every step of the way they learned something new and got closer to God. Larry and Christina realized that they had messed up so bad, to the point where they

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