Episode 074: Independence Day

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Episode 074: Independence Day with Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend Happy Fourth of July! In honor of the holiday, let’s talk about maintaining your independence in relationships. Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about how they’ve remained, or not remained, independent. Leanne always starts out independent in relationships, but sometimes (depending on the relationship) it goes sideways. It seems like there is one person in the couple who is more independent than the other. Or as The Boyfriend says, the alpha person. Maybe one person is more invested in the relationship. Maybe it ebbs and flows as the relationship evolves over time. Independence is not the same as invested. Just because someone is independent doesn’t mean they’re not as invested in the relationship. 03:45 The Boyfriend admits that when he isn’t as invested, he does become the more dominant person. He sets the tone. 04:48 So what keeps you independent? We talked about making sure you have hobbies and and work and things to do. But having space or physical distance is everything that makes us independent. Let’s break it down. Independence has several parts – spiritual, physical space or time, emotional or mental, and financial. Spiritual independence can actually be a dealbreaker for some couples

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Episode 074: Thoughts From Mom-nonymous

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Episode 74: Indpendence Day with Leanne Linsky & The Boyfriend Today Leanne and The Boyfriend discussed independence in relationships and marriage. I found it most interesting. How does one invest in both themselves and a relationship spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially? Dynamics change over the years for various reasons. The wife is working or staying at home with the kids. One paycheck versus two. Friends opinions and influences, nights out apart, can help establish some independence. They also talked about separate vacations hobbies, sports, and drinking, drugs etc. Family illness and deaths are all factors we face as a couple. As individuals we all see it and feel if differently. Your QUESTION OF THE DAY is “How do each of us celebrate our own independence?” I  do celebrate independence in my everyday life. Especially the freedoms I still have. I’m lucky to share each and everyday with my husband. We celebrate that physically we are still able to do various activities and get out with friends. On the home front we especially enjoy reading a book and listening to beautiful music  What could possibly be a better way to celebrate our independence? Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom,

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Episode 031: Time Out!

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Episode 031: Time Out! with Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend Hey! This is a quickie! Leanne and The Boyfriend are taking some time out… Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend return after a long holiday weekend. Labor Day weekend is our last summer holiday. It’s often spent at special family outings and get-togethers, parties and bbqs with friends. This year Leanne did something different and took some extra time off from work (for a five day weekend!) to spend time on her passion project, Life Lafter Divorce. She wanted to take time to do nothing but things she wanted to do. As a result, she feels great. Leanne thinks back to when she went back to her divorce, she would spend time alone or go visit her parents and work on projects. It was a nice get away from her normal routine. Holidays are typically spent with friends and families, which can be difficult to be around during a divorce. Sometimes Leanne didn’t want to be social, answer questions, or be around the holiday chaos. She started seeking and appreciating time alone. Spending time alone is a great opportunity to recharge our batteries. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. How to do we do that? Leanne

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