Episode 060: Stop Pretending & Start Living!

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Episode 060: Stop Pretending & Start Living! with special guest Sunny Joy McMillan Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about making lists about who you want to be in a relationship and lists with all the qualities I need to have to be in a relationship. What about a list of all the things we want to be doing in a relationship. What does the relationship look like? What life do we really want to be living? 11:25 Meet Sunny Joy McMillan! Sunny is a recovering attorney and practicing Master Life Coach who is passionate about helping adults get unstuck from unfulfilling or unhappy marriages. She is the host of the weekly radio show, Sunny in Seattle on Alternative Talk 1150AM KKNW, and author of “Unhitched: Unlock Your Courage and Clarity and Unstick Your Bad Marriage.” 12:57 Sunny shares how she and her husband met and how they’re first date ended in an argument. It was intense from the very beginning and they stayed together for 12 years. Sunny was 23 years old and her husband was 34. They were living in Texas. She had lived in various places before – Houston, Memphis, Santa Barbara, and Waco before landing in Austin. She’s now in Seattle. 12:45

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Episode 049: For Better or For Worse Part 2 of 2

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Episode 049: For Better or For Worse Part 2 of 2 with Larry and Christina Johnson. Leanne and The Boyfriend return for Part 2 of 2 with Larry and Christina Johnson. We return to find out what Christina did next. “I I flip the switch and went smooth off on him.”  Christina had Larry come shop for lingerie with her. Lingerie that she was going to wear with another man. Christina admits that if Larry would have just showed he cared – that he was jealous, she would’ve stopped. But he didn’t. She proceded. It wasn’t until the night Christina slept with someone else that Larry decided to make some changes. Christina didn’t expect that. She thought they were 100% done and that’s why she moved on. But they weren’t done. Larry did a 180. He went back to church, he apologized for everything he’d done. He even redid that marriage proposal — he redid with a ring and on his knees at a restaurant. Larry wanted to go back to counseling so they did. Every step of the way they learned something new and got closer to God. Larry and Christina realized that they had messed up so bad, to the point where they

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