Fear is your friend! STOP pushing it away.

By Help Person|August 24, 2020|Main Blog, Uncategorized|

I keep hearing people say how we should push through our fear. “Just push through the fear!”, they say. But should we really do that? And what would be the point of a good scary movie if we ignored fear? Fear is a human emotion tied to the very animal instinct and intuition that helps protect us. It alerts us when we are in clear and present danger. Fear is like the best friend who yells, “Look out!” just in time so I don’t get hit by a car (or step in that giant pile of dog poop). I’m pretty sure you’d agree that this is a friend we want to keep around. Of course, fear has also been known to show its face when we sense a social danger, real or imagined, or a previous danger triggered by past experience. This fear is like a friend who calls and tells me all the reasons I shouldn’t quit my job or write a tell-all book about my dating life. Do I push our friend (aka fear) aside? Do I try to ignore her…and do that thing anyway? Hell no! She’s my friend and I trust her. So instead, I get curious. What are her reasons?

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Episode 046: To Marry or Not to Marry

By Help Person|December 19, 2017|Show notes, Uncategorized|

Episode 046: To Marry or Not To Marry with special guest Ross Belsky Please accept our apologies! This episode sounds ‘tinny’ this week (tinny not tiny). Leanne is in Vegas and she and The Boyfriend had to improvise. Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about on-again/off-again relationships and why they got back together and what worked and what didn’t. They have each had an on-again/off-again relationship and new it wouldn’t really work, but did it anyway. Meet this week’s guest, New York comedian, Ross Belsky! Ross has never been married, but is an on-again/off-again relationship and is considering marriage. However, he’s really scared about the possibilities of divorce. Born and raised in Queens. His parents are still married and Ross is scared of divorce. He has a friend who got divorced and it was a financial and social nightmare. Ross is seriously thinking of married his long-term girlfriend, but he’s not sure he’s ready. His friend is five years older and Ross really doesn’t offer him advice since he’s younger and has never been married. Ross just got his girlfriend a promise ring. He didn’t want to make a move they might not be ready for. His brother bought the ring. Ross worries that he’s not financially

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