Episode 076: Divorce Diaries

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Episode 76: Divorce Diaries with special guest Michele Traina Meet Michele Traina a stand up comic, actor, writer and creator of Divorce Diaries Show which she has performed at Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC. Michele was performing right out of college and met her husband in between gigs. She went to grad school and got a masters in education. After she was married she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. They were married for five years and she felt she tried her best. She had her daughter in 2012 and was divorce in 2015. She wasn’t happy and wanted to be fair as possible and end it before it went down the path of cheating and lying. She wanted to be on the up and up of it all. She finally feels back to her old self. She has a theater company, does stand up, and created the Divorce Diaries show. 16:51 Michele and her husband were living together after a year and were engaged after two years. She laughs because it was her idea for him to propose to her. Her ex-husband was her first real relationship which she realizes added to the problem. Michele really wanted to get married and mentioned it to him. He proposed

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Episode 037: Modern Split Part 1 of 2

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Episode 037: Modern Split Part 1 of 2 with special guest Claire McCarthy Leanne and The Boyfriend have a big episode for you this week! Get ready to take some notes! As you probably already know, divorce can be expensive. Leanne and The Boyfriend did a little research and found out the most and least expensive divorce states. Check it out for yourself by doing a quick Google search or click on this handy link we found: https://www.cbsnews.com/media/the-cheapest-and-costliest-states-to-divorce/ But this may not be the most current info. We’re using it as a jumping off point. Meet our guest Claire McCarthy,  Founder and CEO of Modern Split, unpacks a TON of ‘must know’ information in this episode! Claire is a certified divorce coach and former family law paralegal with nearly twenty years in and around the judicial system. Modern Split provides tips, tools and resources that don’t require a law degree to understand. Modern Split was founded on a simple premise. “See a need. Fill a need.” – Big Weld. Robots 2005. Claire was married for almost ten years and has been divorced about ten years. Her business, Modern Split, is not a product of her divorce. She has been in the legal field for years

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