Episode 050: Embracing Her Feminine Power

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Episode 050: Embracing Her Feminine Power with special guest Orion Talmay The one year anniversary of Life Lafter Divorce is right around the corner! We’re so close! Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss the importance of taking your power back after traumatic experiences. LLD pod doesn’t usually talk about current events, but as Leanne points out, it’s hard not to think of the current #metoo movement when discussing the empowerment of women.   03:55 Meet Orion Talmay! She is a life coach, founder of Orion’s Method and host of Stellar Life Podcast. Orion helps alpha-type high achievers awaken their inner goddess. Her clients embrace their feminine power, embody sexy confidence, and attract their soulmate! Orion is a world traveler who studied under leading luminaries in personal development, health/wellness, spirituality, relationships, and sexuality. She is an award-winning speaker and contributor to intent.com and The Huffington Post. 05:00 Orion began her business of life coaching after her second divorce. She started as a physical trainer, transitioned into life coaching, and eventually fell in love with love coaching. Looking back, she realizes her broken relationships were her greatest gifts. The experiences helped clarify her wants and needs. As she moved through her grieving process, she found her anger fueling her.

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Episode 039: Successfully Married Mom of a Divorcee

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Episode 039: Successfully Married Mom of a Divorcee with special guest Anne Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about tradition and religion’s role in the stigma of divorce. They note that many (most?) religions frown upon divorce and as a result, many people do not believe in divorce. Here in the US we combine religion in with the state laws. Leanne and The Boyfriend find it interesting that as the country has progressed in some ways, but not so much when it comes to marriage. As forward-thinking as we think are, why are we still so stuck in the old traditions of marriage? This week’s guest is Anne, wife, grandmother, and mom of a divorcee. Anne has been married for forty-five years and has one son and one daughter. Her daughter has been divorced once, and she had a tough time making that decision because she wanted her mother’s blessing.   Anne has thought about divorce in her own marriage, but would never act on it. When conflicts get to the point where a couple no longer communicates, that’s when things go wrong. Anne reminds herself to step back and reassess the situation. Anne believes the first couple years you’re in the newlywed stage, then you

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