Episode 070: The Bride & The Best Man

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Episode 070: The Bride & The Best Man with special guests Misty, Chris, and Glenn Full Transcript:  Leanne: 00:00:08 Welcome to episode 70. I am your host, Leanne Linsky and I’m the boyfriend. Welcome back to another wonderful week of divorce, but before we jump in, let’s make sure we rate, review and subscribe. So while you’re out there today and get her done, tell us how much you love us. Why not? Why wouldn’t you? And while you’re out there checking out the website at life. Laughter, divorce.com. So boyfriend, I’m really excited about this because this is part two of. The Boyfriend: 00:00:36 Well just a continuation, part two. Part two have to move. It hurt that their, their, their experiences, their life, how they got to where they are to where they are now is is. I’m wondering, even put it as part, it’s just they’ve got this section where you hear about Chris, do you have this section about the marriage of misty and then and then her realization where we’re at right now is her marriage and how she figures out what she really wants. Leanne: 00:01:10 So we have sections a, B and c and we’re now in the

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Episode 051: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 051: It’s time to level up! with special guest Katie Maggio Life coach Katie Maggio shares her story! Divorced once and married twice with two children, Katie reflects on her journey and how she got her. Right after her divorce, Katie dated a lot to pacify her thoughts. She also threw herself into her work as she went through the grieving process, She needed to figure out what  she really needed to do to move forward and be happy.  Eventually she realized that it was herself that needed to change. In doing so Katie transformed herself into be a better person. A much happier person, Katie is remarried and shares custody of her children with her ex-husband. She’s realized she can’t change her partner, she has to change herself to move on. Today Katie is a life coach who helps others through their troubled times. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous.

Episode 039: Successfully Married Mom of a Divorcee

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Episode 039: Successfully Married Mom of a Divorcee with special guest Anne Leanne and The Boyfriend talk about tradition and religion’s role in the stigma of divorce. They note that many (most?) religions frown upon divorce and as a result, many people do not believe in divorce. Here in the US we combine religion in with the state laws. Leanne and The Boyfriend find it interesting that as the country has progressed in some ways, but not so much when it comes to marriage. As forward-thinking as we think are, why are we still so stuck in the old traditions of marriage? This week’s guest is Anne, wife, grandmother, and mom of a divorcee. Anne has been married for forty-five years and has one son and one daughter. Her daughter has been divorced once, and she had a tough time making that decision because she wanted her mother’s blessing.   Anne has thought about divorce in her own marriage, but would never act on it. When conflicts get to the point where a couple no longer communicates, that’s when things go wrong. Anne reminds herself to step back and reassess the situation. Anne believes the first couple years you’re in the newlywed stage, then you

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Episode 036: Thoughts from Mom-nonyous

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Episode 036: Free to do what I want with special guest Anonyme Such an interesting podcast today. Your guest shared her very different views and taught us all how France does marriage differently. I had only heard about a pact a couple of podcasts ago, your guest clarified it so nicely today. Her first marriage was to a French Basketball Player and she was young. She and her her brother married on the same day, he in a church and her in the courthouse. It was a double wedding and the family celebrated. She was married to a guy who was famous and she soon felt she had lost her own identity. They eventually divorced. Anonyme visited America and liked the opportunities here. She met an American man and was married to him for 3 years. They are still friends even though he did remarry. A few years later this sexy blonde French woman met number three. He was a businessman who provided for her very well. They had a son. Her husband very committed to his work, and Anonyme finished her education and got her degree. She and her son traveled the world together. Tired of belonging to someone, she divorced number three after eleven

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Episode 035: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 035: Single Moms Planet with special guest Neferteri Plessy Neferti Plessy is divorced with two boys. She was fortunate to have great support from family and friends during the process. She found that she had to address a few little issues with her sons. For example, Mom does not have to take care of all your needs. Ask your Dad to buy school supplies and take care of some of your needs. Dad can handle getting necessary items for your different sports etc. Neferteri also taught her sons how to really discuss their school day and friendships with her on a daily basis. Neferteri also learned how she could get time for herself –which is so important. During this process she came up with a great idea for a “100 Single Moms Brunch” That was beginning of something bigger. So many woman connected with one  another. They all had different needs and backgrounds, but now had a safe place that offered compassion and help.Some babysat for one another, and some even moved in together. It’s time to quit beating yourself up, take classes, make better choices and move on. Neferti is such an an amazing woman. She’s founded Single Mom’s Planet and created Single Mom’s Awards.

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Episode 035: Single Moms Planet

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Episode 035: Single Moms Planet with special guest Neferteri Plessy Yaassss! Leanne and The Boyfriend announce the opening of the online store. Be sure to check out our retail therapy page! Meet Neferteri Plessy, Founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet. Neferteri is a single mom of two young boys, divorcee, and ready to take on the world! She’s been divorced seven years and was married for five. Divorce is definitely a lot easier now that time has passed and she’s found ways to manage single motherhood. Once the shock of divorce wore off, Neferteri found that she has more support than ever. Although Neferteri is a divorcee, she is strong believer of marriage. She shares tips on setting boundaries without being harsh and gives examples. Being specific with asks, giving dates and times, and making sure people understand the boundary are key to success as a single mom. The more specific we are the better, and men tend to be okay with that. Subtlety doesn’t work. (The Boyfriend agrees!) Women lead with emotion and think men should understand how they feel. Men don’t think that way. (Again, The Boyfriend agrees!) The boundaries extend to your kids. Neferteri gives us examples how kids always seem

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Episode 033: Happily Married After Divorce

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Episode 033: Happily Married After Divorce with special guests Tory & Andrea Chiappelli  Welcome to the wonderful world of divorce! Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss how divorce can be seen in a positive light. They agree that if lessons are learned, there is something positive to be had. Not everyone wants to become bitter and turned off to any and all future relationships and learning to make better relationship choices always helps us move forward. The Boyfriend and Leanne discuss how they’ve both dated people in the past and had to recognize when things weren’t working. A relationship can be intimate and passionate, but there has to be something stronger than chemistry in order to withstand the test of time. They agree that a solid friendship is important to have. They agree there is a bigger investment in a relationship when there is a deeper connection outside of physical intimacy. Meet Tory & Andrea Chiappelli (key ah Pell eee)! Tory is a divorcee and a culinary student at Long Beach Community College. She studied the science of making gelato in Bologna Italy and owned two gelato shops in the Chicago area for three years before moving to Long Beach. Andrea, a two-time divorcee, is a mechanical

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Episode 030: Loving & Mediating Divorce

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Episode 030: Loving & Mediating Divorce with special guest Tara Eisenhard Leanne and The Boyfriend are recording this episode on a Friday night (not very adventurous people, are they?) when most people are out and about or maybe at home watching a movie. Speaking of movies, what movies have you seen about divorce? How many are there? Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss which ones they remember. Wedding Crashers Liar Liar Doubtfire War of the Roses Irreconcilable Differences The Parent Trap Parenthood There are more movies than they can remember. Brian asks Leanne if she remembers much about Wedding Crashers, specifically, does she remember that the main characters are actually divorce mediators? Yes, she does. They briefly discuss the open scene and then quickly digress. What a tough job it would be to mediate someone’s divorce. What kind of services do they offer? Who hires a mediator? Neither of them has ever known a mediator and Leanne never had to use one her divorces. What do people generally know about mediators? Inquiring minds want to know. Leanne happens to follow a mediator on Instagram and she got curious. After looking at this person’s website Leanne learned that this mediator LOVES divorce and her mission is to change

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Episode 029: Gobsmacked! Welcome to Co-Parenting

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Episode 029: Gobsmacked! Welcome to Co-Parenting with special guest Dad Solo It’s our 29th episode and The Boyfriend and Leanne talk about how women (and sometimes men) lie about their age. It seems like nobody wants to be older than 30. Leanne’s mom always told her she was 29. Then one day Leanne mentioned to the neighbor that it was her mom’s birthday. The neighbor asked how old her mom was. Leanne said 29. The neighbor laughed and laughed and said “You’re mom is lying to you.” Leanne was upset by this and told her mom. Her mom said, “She’s right. I’ve been lying to you. I was 30 when I had you. Anyway, back to divorce… Do you stay in touch with your ex? The Boyfriend doesn’t keep in touch with his exes anymore. Leanne doesn’t keep in touch with her ex husbands, but does keep in touch with ex-boyfriend. What’s the difference? None of the relationships ever lasted long enough to really to be concerned. Also, it’s easy to stay connected because of social media. The Boyfriend and Leanne discuss why it may be easy or not easy to keep in touch. If you’ve had children, you’re always going to have a bond

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Episode 026: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 026: Triple Threat with special guest Karen Beach Karen Beach certainly has had more than her share of ups’ and downs. Her childhood starts off on a positive note but then bipolar raised its’ ugly head. The parents split focusing on their own needs and Karen took on watching over her brother and herself. Quitting school only remedy she could do to deal with it all. Moves out of state and continues her education. Involvement with a guy from Brazil with a kid. It didn’t last. Follows that up with a marriage he splits no contact .Divorce finally happens 7 years later. Now living back in Arizona with a good job working with positive people.She is working to live but would like more out of life and have fun. Dating is the real challenge today. So many people do drugs today and many have children. Finding a partner with high intelligence, no baggage, and fun loving would be the perfect catch. Maybe that will all be coming her way on that up-coming trip. Wishing her the best. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50

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