Episode 070: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 070: The Bride & The Best Man with special guests Chris, Misty, and Glenn The wedding is now over. A few members of the wedding party hashed over what a mistake Misty had made. They were certain her new husband was not “the one” for her. Although Chris had been friends with the Creep, he too saw many of his shortcomings. Misty had witnessed this same behavior with her Mom and step-dad and must have thought it was the norm. After some time,  Creep moved Misty away from family and her comfort zone. She was kinda stuck. She wanted to further her own education but instead took on a low paying job teaching flute. Creep was now Misty’s boss and had complete control over her. Misty was unhappy and unable to move on. She suggested that they get marriage counseling. Creep said no. He was the total breadwinner and she had no money of her own. Misty was stuck. Chris remained friends with them both. Creep invited Chris to visit them and wanted Chris to help him build a computer. During this visit Chris realized how unhappy Misty was. Eventually, Misty got the opportunity to go to California to visit her Mom and Chris. Chris and

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Episode 069: Thoughts by Mom-nonymous

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Episode 069: “I do” Because I didn’t know better Now we get insight on Misty and her story. We listen as she shares her story with a little help from Chris, their friend Glenn, and a few questions from our Podcast Hosts Leanne and The Boyfriend. Misty was in college and was in band with most of her friends and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was jewish and Misty was a christian. His name has not been revealed but I will refer to him as Creep. I feel the name suits him, and as this story unfolds I think you will too. Her boyfriend is well educated, worldly, outgoing, and comes from a family with money. He is methodical and always has an itinerary on what they do. Misty does give him a good argument at times – like we all do. Creep also has some Daddy issues. Misty and Creep got engaged and planned a nice wedding. Misty was paying for the wedding and Creep was paying for the drinks at the reception and the honeymoon to Hawaii. Creep asked if his best friend (who was a woman) could be in the wedding as a bridesmaid and could they have a special dance at the reception. Misty

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