Episode 082: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 082: Body Confidence – What’s your body worth? with special guest Meg Sullivan Our guest was Meg Sullivan, a woman with an extensive background on obtaining “Body Confidence”. Meg and her sister Shannon also have a clothing line called Bold Body Mantra. Meg is a pilates instructor and a certified fitness trainer. “Love the skin you’re in” it is the vehicle for all that you do. Sometimes losing weight will build your confidence. You don’t have to seek validation. Shop by yourself and buy that outfit that you have always wanted. Take care of what you value and make it your priority. Keep the confidence going and it will show in every way. Continue to celebrate your strengths. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous.

Episode 082: Body Confidence – What’s your body worth?

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Episode 082: Body Confidence – What’s your body worth? with special guest Meg Sullivan If you’re looking for the secret to looking and feeling your best, then congratulations, you’re listening to the right episode. Our guest, Meg Sullivan, is Certified Pilates Instructor & Certified Fitness Trainer, former CPA and leading expert in the field of female transformational work and body love. Meg is the co-founder ENliteNED LIFE™, a health & lifestyle consulting firm for Professional women and Bold Body MANTRA™ Clothing, a consciously created body positive clothing line designed to empower women to love the skin they’re in. Meg & her co-founder (and sister!) Shannon work with women seeking to lose weight and build body confidence. As a result, their clients have doubled their salaries, released weight they’ve been trying to lose for decades, and stepped into a life a life that they now love. Body Love and Body Gratitude is the fuel for these transformations – not just for their clients, but also for Meg & Shannon themselves. Full Transcript:  Leanne:             00:07         Welcome to life divorce podcast, episode 82. I am your host, Leanne Linsky, The Boyfriend:     00:12         and I’m the boyfriend. Leanne:             00:13          Welcome back to another wonderful week of. We are thrilled

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Episode 031: Time Out!

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Episode 031: Time Out! with Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend Hey! This is a quickie! Leanne and The Boyfriend are taking some time out… Leanne Linsky and The Boyfriend return after a long holiday weekend. Labor Day weekend is our last summer holiday. It’s often spent at special family outings and get-togethers, parties and bbqs with friends. This year Leanne did something different and took some extra time off from work (for a five day weekend!) to spend time on her passion project, Life Lafter Divorce. She wanted to take time to do nothing but things she wanted to do. As a result, she feels great. Leanne thinks back to when she went back to her divorce, she would spend time alone or go visit her parents and work on projects. It was a nice get away from her normal routine. Holidays are typically spent with friends and families, which can be difficult to be around during a divorce. Sometimes Leanne didn’t want to be social, answer questions, or be around the holiday chaos. She started seeking and appreciating time alone. Spending time alone is a great opportunity to recharge our batteries. But sometimes it’s easier said than done. How to do we do that? Leanne

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