Episode 083: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 083: Single Mom Finds Her Love Has No Limits with special guest Maleka Long Chris Maleka Long Chris, founder of Love Beyond Limits, told her story of her upbringing, failed marriage, and her happy 2nd marriage today. It had been an ongoing struggle for years. She has seen family members incarcerated, has had children before marriage, had little help or good advice, and to say the least, no role models. She and her first husband even had a child born with sickle cell anemia. There were lots of hospital bills and yet he thought they should have another child. They eventually split up but then went back together for a short time. Maleka filed for divorce in 2008. In 2009, Maleka’s Grandmother, Dad, and Mom all passed away. Maleka had created a secure home open to friends and neighbors and family. It was a place of acceptance and belonging for her friends and community. It motivated her desire to create a non-profit. Maleka read a book called “Non-Profit for Dummies” to figure it out.  That was just the beginning Maleka’s successes. She has since wrote a book and her program “LOVE BEYOND LIMITS” is ongoing in Long Beach and other cities in Southern California. She has created on-going

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Episode 035: Single Moms Planet

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Episode 035: Single Moms Planet with special guest Neferteri Plessy Yaassss! Leanne and The Boyfriend announce the opening of the online store. Be sure to check out our retail therapy page! Meet Neferteri Plessy, Founder and CEO of Single Moms Planet. Neferteri is a single mom of two young boys, divorcee, and ready to take on the world! She’s been divorced seven years and was married for five. Divorce is definitely a lot easier now that time has passed and she’s found ways to manage single motherhood. Once the shock of divorce wore off, Neferteri found that she has more support than ever. Although Neferteri is a divorcee, she is strong believer of marriage. She shares tips on setting boundaries without being harsh and gives examples. Being specific with asks, giving dates and times, and making sure people understand the boundary are key to success as a single mom. The more specific we are the better, and men tend to be okay with that. Subtlety doesn’t work. (The Boyfriend agrees!) Women lead with emotion and think men should understand how they feel. Men don’t think that way. (Again, The Boyfriend agrees!) The boundaries extend to your kids. Neferteri gives us examples how kids always seem

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