Episode 058: Narcissist Abuse Support

By Help Person|March 13, 2018|Show notes, Uncategorized|0 comments

Episode 058: Narcissist Abuse Support with special Guest Tracy Malone Leanne and The Boyfriend review the question of the week and give shout outs to our followers. They announce that they are now on Pinterest. This week’s topic is….Divorce! Specifically, about learning lessons. Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss taking a step back after a break up and assessing what worked and what didn’t. What about those situations that are not so obvious? Sometimes we can get outside support and other times it takes more than that. 06:35 Tracy Malone was a victim of narcissistic abuse and has decided to educate the world on the red flags and signs of abuse. She started a YouTube channel that has reached over 350,000 all over the world, her website NarcissistAbuseSupport.com has quickly earned ratings of being in the top 50 narcissist abuse websites. She now coaches victims of abuse, hosts live support groups and her Facebook group has almost 4500 members from all over the world. Upon learning about narcissists Tracy figured out why she was a target and why her divorce was called by the judge in her case as ‘the most tortured divorce in her town’s history’. She will share with us some of her tips

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