Episode 070: The Bride & The Best Man

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Episode 070: The Bride & The Best Man with special guests Misty, Chris, and Glenn Full Transcript:  Leanne: 00:00:08 Welcome to episode 70. I am your host, Leanne Linsky and I’m the boyfriend. Welcome back to another wonderful week of divorce, but before we jump in, let’s make sure we rate, review and subscribe. So while you’re out there today and get her done, tell us how much you love us. Why not? Why wouldn’t you? And while you’re out there checking out the website at life. Laughter, divorce.com. So boyfriend, I’m really excited about this because this is part two of. The Boyfriend: 00:00:36 Well just a continuation, part two. Part two have to move. It hurt that their, their, their experiences, their life, how they got to where they are to where they are now is is. I’m wondering, even put it as part, it’s just they’ve got this section where you hear about Chris, do you have this section about the marriage of misty and then and then her realization where we’re at right now is her marriage and how she figures out what she really wants. Leanne: 00:01:10 So we have sections a, B and c and we’re now in the

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Episode 001: Communication Breakdown

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Episode 001: Communication Breakdown (and divorce) with special guest Jim Barnes Jim Barnes, stand up comedian, host of Jim Barnes and Friends and The Sunday Night Mic at Flappers Comedy Club in Claremont, CA joins us to share his relationship experiences. Our first episode and we’re going to talk about…communication. We communicate every day to our friends, family, co-workers, strangers, everyone. It’s how we navigate our way in this crazy world. So why is it so difficult when we’re in a relationship? The Boyfriend and Leanne agree that direct communication is crucial for any relationship to survive. Hoping someone reads your mind or picks up your subtle cues just doesn’t work no matter how many times we try. Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it mean. It seems easy enough, but it’s amazing how many times we don’t do it. What’s holding us back from being open and honest with the one we care about most? Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s just not knowing any better. Either way, like any good habit, it takes practice. Then there is the other side of it. Listening, and really hearing someone -not just what we want to hear. What is the tone? What is

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