"Creativity is just connecting things. '" - Steve Jobs

"Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.'" - Keri Russell

Unleash your creativity and build your confidence!

Welcome to my online open mic!
If you’d like to make people laugh, write a book or play, rewrite your personal story, blog today’s conundrums, present or pitch your big ideas, or gain clarity as you journal your thoughts, then I invite you to reserve a spot on my online open mic.

Creating shouldn’t be done in a vacuum (that would suck). Thanks to the internet, you can work out your latest and greatest from the comfort of your own home while wearing your big fuzzy bunny slippers (or in your standard performance get-up). Go ahead and bring your jokes, poems, song lyrics, presentation or pitch, story, your latest blog post, a ‘Dear John’ letter, or even that wedding toast you were asked to do! It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be yours.

Sundays at 3:00pm PT and Thursdays at 5:30pm PT
Dates & times subject to change. Updates will be posted here.

If you’re new, use coupon code FIRST1FREE and try it out for free!

"Everyone is welcome because nobody's perfect and anything is possible.'" - unknown

Performers, Writers,
and Creative Minds

Looking for an open mic that doesn’t require sitting in a dark and dingy bar basement for hours waiting for your stage time? You found it! Even better, this mic has a small but mighty attentive audience. If you can make us laugh on Zoom, chances are good that you can make us laugh anywhere.

Entrepreneurs and
Business Professionals

If you’re preparing for your next presentation, pitch, or Ted Talk, you’ll want to practice. Work out the bugs, try out your visual aids, and get your audio and lighting dialed in before the big day. This online room gives you an audience who’ll listen and give you honest and constructive feedback.

and Open Minds

online open mic for newbies

Ready to try your hand at comedy, blogging, book writing, or storytelling, or public speaking but waiting for a safe place to do it? Welcome to the judgment-free zone!

We love newbies and people with new ideas. Bring it!

"When all else fails, read the instructions.” - Agnes Allen

Important Information

Requirements: Computer with audio/video capabilities and some written material to share. I encourage you to log in a few minutes early and test your equipment. Life Lafter is not responsible for your equipment or technical difficulties or loss of participation as a result thereof.

Group size and participants: This is an open mic with feedback and not a show. Space is limited to six participants, one host, and zero audience.

Cancellation, Rescheduling, & Refund Policy:

You may cancel your online open mic reservation at any time without a refund. To cancel, use the purple button that says “cancel” at the bottom of your confirmation email.
There are no refunds.

You may reschedule up to twelve (12) hours before the mic start time. You must use the purple button that says “reschedule” at the bottom of your confirmation email. There is no rescheduling permitted 12 hours or less before the mic start time.

If you do not attend the online open mic and have not rescheduled or canceled, you will be considered a “no show”. You will not receive a refund nor will you be issued a credit to reschedule.

All online open mic sales are final. No refunds.

Technical challenges: Life Lafter is not responsible for your equipment or technical difficulties or loss of participation as a result thereof. You are responsible for audio and video technology on your personal computer. Testing your equipment in advance is highly recommended.

Language & content: This is an online open mic and adult language, content, and humor may be used. I ask that you are mindful and respectful. If you have any concerns or questions, I welcome you to contact me at Leanne.linsky@lifelafter.com.

"History never really says goodbye. History says, 'See you later.'" - Eduardo Galeano

Ever since I created my first comedy open mic, Casual Sketch, way back in 2007, I’ve found great joy in the writing process and even greater joy in sharing it. Open mic forums have given me new perspective, new friends, and lots of laughs over the years. I hope my online open mics do the same for you.

Casual Sketch poster 2007

A lot has changed since my former comedy partner and I started Casual Sketch as a monthly open mic for sketch comedy at Magnet Theater. A few months into it, my comedy partner turned over the mic to me and as the years went on, it evolved into a weekly platform for character monologues, storytelling, and eventually, stand up.

Here’s a fun timeline:

Casual Sketch 2nd Anniversary Show

July 2007. Casual Sketch was born! It was a monthly open mic for sketch comedy at Magnet Theater in New York City.

November 2011. Casual Sketch became a weekly event and moved to Identity Bar in the East Village where it stayed there until Identity Bar’s unexpected closure in November 2013.

Casual Sketch 7th Anniversary Show

December 2013. New York’s M.White Bar and Dixon Place Lounge, welcomed Casual Sketch with open arms.

January 2014. Casual Sketch continued at M.White Bar and made a couple appearances at Dixon Place Lounge. Casual Showcase, our produced show, premiered at M.White Bar on January 20, 2014.

Casual Sketch Last Show in NYC

July 2014. Eventually, everything changed once more and we moved Casual Sketch and Casual Showcase to Casa Humo in July 2014 where we stayed until our final show in New York in November 2014.

November 2014. Casual Sketch, Casual Showcase, and Casa Humo all came to an end in NYC. Leanne relocated to the West Coast.

Casual Comedy Long Beach Show

November 2015. Leanne begin producing Casual Comedy at the Apotrophe Bookstore in Long Beach, CA..

February 2016. Apostrophe Bookstore closed up shop. Casual Comedy moved to Polly’s Coffee for two sold out shows before ending it’s run that same month.

August 2019. Casual Comedy morphs into an online open mic called Life Lafter’s Online Open Mic.