“This is your world. You’re the creator. Find freedom on this canvas.” - Bob Ross

Welcome to Life Lafter.

It is my vision is to inspire, guide, and celebrate the deserving success of everyday people both during and after life’s challenges. My mission is to create a dynamic community and coaching environment that nurtures personal growth and encourages the transformation of our differences, failures, and challenges into our greatest strengths.

The story.

Life Lafter (originally Life Lafter Divorce) was my way of marrying my divorce experience with comedy. When I first created it, I wanted to teach improv technique to divorcees like myself. I wanted to teach divorcees a new way to get a fresh perspective and their smile back. As my own life evolved, so did my business. My new boyfriend (now bf of three years) suggested a podcast. The more we talked to people on the podcast, I realized I wanted to be of more help. I enrolled in school and earned my life coach certification. And now, here we are, Life Lafter.

Lafter or laughter?

Both! Lafter is laughter after! For me, finding my laughter after life’s biggest challenges is an adventure worth having. Not everything is haha hilarious when it first happens. As we say in the improv world, tragedy plus time equals comedy. Lafter isn’t about sarcasm, hiding behind a joke, or laughing at someone else’s expense. Lafter is about healing, learning, and becoming an even better person.

New year. New look. Life Lafter…

What about the divorce? I feel it’s time I dropped the divorce from the name. Although divorce has played a big role in my life, it doesn’t define me… or my business. We’ve learned, grown, and transformed the boohoo into the woohoo!

"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." - Ray Bradbury

Meet Leanne Linsky, Life Coach

Hi, I’m Leanne and I help people create the life they’ve been dreaming about.

I’ll start at the beginning.

I’m originally from Waukegan, Illinois. Waukegan is about 45 miles north of Chicago and the former home of both Jack Benny and Ray Bradbury. Many other people have lived there, of course, but I wanted to share some random trivia with you.

Anyway, back to me.

I got schooled.

As the first woman in my dad’s family to go to college, I graduated from the College of Lake County with an A.S. in Business Administration. I continued my education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and graduated with a B.S. in Business Management. With thoughts of an M.B.A in my future., I began taking master’s classes. But the old-fashioned girl in me quickly postponed those plans after getting engaged to my first husband.  What was I thinking? Babies. For the record, I don’t have any — that I know of. So you see how that worked out.

I did my time. Not to be confused with ‘doing time’.

Since graduating from UNLV, I’ve had several careers in the business world beginning with bookkeeping and ending as a Director of Marketing. I’ve held many roles in-between including recruiter, market researcher, and manager (office, cultural development, customer service, and project). I even spent nearly thirteen years with a Fortune 200 company. Those were by far, my favorite years in the corporate world.  

I leaped. I leaped!

After sixteen years in Las Vegas, I moved to New York City with just two suitcases. I became an actor, writer, and comedian. Crazy, right?

It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I took a big risk to pursue acting with very little training or experience. I left behind a house, a car, two ex-husbands, and all the comforts a full-time job with benefits affords. It changed me. I gained new perspectives, skills, and life experience.

I know. I know. I slipped that two ex-husband thing in there.

I laughed.

If you’ve ever been married, you know the importance of a sense of humor. Thanks to my two ex-husbands, I found my passion for comedy. Of course, I can’t give them all the credit. I studied at The Second City, IO Chicago, Upright Citizens Brigade, and Magnet Theater. Oh, and did I mention I attended Jack Benny Jr. High? I’ve performed in countless shows in Las Vegas, LA, New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, DC, and other cities across America. In addition to performing in resident improv ensembles at Magnet Theater, I’ve also had the pleasure of being cast in Gotham City Improv’s award-winning main stage show, Off the Tops of Their Heads. I produced and hosted a comedy open mic for over seven years and produced a weekly show in Manhattan. I was cast in theater, film, and commercial work while in New York. 

I laughed a lot.

Lady Luck is a Whore: What happened in Vegas stays in this show is the one-woman show I wrote and performed.  My mom wasn’t thrilled with the title, and looking back, it’s probably not the most optimal headline to pop up in my Google searches (here’s my acting website) from corporate employers or clients. But it did get the attention I was seeking as an artist. My critically acclaimed show was the ultimate place to showcase my divorce experience. I premiered my show at The Peoples Improv Theater in New York, and then performed it in the Capital Fringe in DC, Fringe Wilmington in DE, and again in NY for the United Solo Festival.

I laughed with others who needed it most.

I shared my laughter and taught comedy as a volunteer with Cherub Improv, a non-profit improv comedy organization. Cherub Improv partners with senior homes, veterans centers, children’s runaway, and homeless shelters, and cancer support organizations to perform and teach improv comedy.


Through my work with Cherub Improv,  I became a TV show host for KidZone TV at Kravis Children’s Hospital at Mount Sinai. After working with such healing organizations, I knew I wanted to do more to help people. Also around this time, I began teaching at Gotham City Improv.

Living Life Lafter… 

People often ask me, ‘Leanne, did you move to L.A. for comedy?’ Well, I guess you could say that. I moved here for a man and that turned out to be a joke.

Within weeks of moving out West, my whole life changed yet again. Yes, that really sucked at the time. But although it didn’t turn out as planned, it turned out a zillion times better. And then it changed once more.

Just like we learn in improv, our biggest mistakes can transform into our greatest gifts. I traded in my original plans for some new ones. I did some comedy, went back to school, became a life coach. In 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, I returned to school once more to earn my Master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In a year filled with an abundance of change and challenge, I immersed myself into the thrilling life of a full-time student and entrepreneur. It has proven to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Today I’m in the best relationship of my life, living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and helping others to live the life they’ve always dreamed of. I have to say, things are going pretty well.

Ha! Who’s laughing now?

Master of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
The University of California, Irvine

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas

icflogocolorCoaching Certifications:
ACC, Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
CVACC, CoachVille Associate Certified Coach, CoachVille                                      

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." - Oprah


Meet The Boyfriend, Podcast Co-Host

Hi, I’m Leanne’s boyfriend. Although I’ve never been married and never been divorced (obviously), I’m the co-host of our podcast Life Lafter Divorce. I also do all the sound-engineering and support Leanne in any way I can.

More info on me coming soon!


Meet Mom-nonymous, Podcast Blogger

I’m Mom-nonymous, a wife and a mom of three. I’m 78 years young and was raised in an era where divorce was frowned upon and we worked things out for better or for worse. As a result, I’m proud to say I’ve been married for 56 years. As a mom of two divorcees, I do realize that not everyone is so fortunate. Times have changed and most married couples only have somewhere around 50% chance of success nowadays.

I was raised in a time when women stayed home and raised a family, and that’s exactly what I did.  Although it came with much sacrifice and compromise, I have never regretted it and I’m thankful I was fortunate enough to do that.

Listening to this podcast gives me some new perspective on what other people experience within their marriage and gives me a better understanding of divorce.

Who knows? You may agree or not agree with my thoughts and opinions — we all come from different times, experiences, and upbringing — but I do hope my thoughts help those who are going through a divorce or even someone like me who has never experienced it first-hand. Maybe my blogs offer you some mom-like divorce support. And at the very least, you should know that someone is listening. Check out the show notes to read my posts.


P.S. I know my avatar doesn’t look like a 78-year-old, but I don’t care. I’m anonymous, and I drew it myself.

"People who are funny and smart and return phone calls get much better press
than people who are just funny and smart." - Howard Simons


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“Divorce is tough,” Linsky said. “I hope to offer some comfort to those who are hurting, so I’m excited to offer practical products with a sense of humor.”
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