"It's time to trade your couch in for a coach." - Leanne Linsky


Boohoo to Woohoo!

I help everyday people discover their resiliency and their laughter in the midst of life’s not-so-funny challenges (like breakups, career changes, and relocations). That way, they can move forward fearlessly without self-doubt or judgment. If you’re ready for a fresh start, new perspective, AND some fun, I will help you create a game plan to take your life from boohoo to Woohoo!

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“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.”  -  Leonardo Dicaprio


Divorced and starting over?

If you’re divorced and hungry for a fresh start, I will help you discover excitement in the single world, joy in new relationships, and the courage to communicate their wants and needs without guilt or bitterness. If you don’t want your divorce to define you, let’s take your life from ex to extraordinary so you can look in the mirror and say “Damn, I’m awesome!”


Career Change or Refresher?

Are yearning to fulfill a bigger purpose in the world, tap into your greater strengths, find a greater sense of belonging, and establish stability without sacrificing your family or sanity. If you don’t want to be a slave to the stress of a J.O.B., I will help you create a life of balance so you can actually take the weekend off and ENJOY IT!


Tired of spinning your wheels?

Been there. Done that. Let’s co-create a game plan to get you unstuck and moving in the right direction. I love helping determined individuals like yourself. Free yourself of the muck, self-judgment, or the baggage of your past, and rise above the ashes like a Phoenix.

"A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life." - John Wooden

I will help you:

  • get results
  • embrace change
  • clarify your vision
  • create a game plan
  • play a bigger game
  • overcome obstacles
  • get new perspective
  • evaluate your progress
  • accelerate your success
  • develop skills/gain mastery
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • win

Let’s play!

Life is a game and it’s meant to be played. And like most games, we play better with a coach.

The ball is in your court.

Success Stories

Every one of my players (aka clients) has their own unique story. They achieved their success because they were able to get clear on their vision, take meaningful actions, and were willing to learn along the way. I am so honored they chose me as their guide and took me on such wonderful adventures.

Thank you to my players who were so willing to share their story on video so that others can be inspired by their courageous journeys. I’m so very proud of you.


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