Episode 051: It’s time to level up!

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Episode 051: It’s time to level up! with special guest Katie Maggio

Our fifty second episode anniversary of Life Lafter Divorce is seriously right around the corner! We’re so close! Just one episode away! AND…our one year anniversary is on Valentine’s Day! Woohoo!

Leanne and The Boyfriend wonder what happens after the grieving period of divorce. What’s next? It’s not uncommon

03:55 Meet Katie Maggio, mompreneur, host of the Level 10 Lifestyle Show (formerly titled Meaningful Moments) on iTunes, and creator of the Level 10 Method. This method was formed from the ashes of her divorce and incorporated into her life coaching. Katie living in New England with her husband and two children.

Life_Lafter_Divorce_Quote_ep51b_coachingShe’s passionate about helping others raise their game in relationships (especially divorce!), careers, wellness, and finance.

14:20 Katie has been married 3 years to her second husband.

15:00 The Level 10 method came from the ashes of Katies divorce. She looked at herself and said, “how can I better myself?” She’s always seemed to be the go to person for advice, which some people liked and some people didn’t. Katie found herself helping a friend through her divorce and her friend said, “I hope someday I can be a level 10 like you.” And that’s when she decided she wanted to be a life coach. She created ten steps to a better YOU. Ten steps in 30 days. Katie is not a therapist. She doesn’t work with victims, she works with people who are ready to move forward. Her process involves tough questions and exploring all areas of life. You can even take a self-test on her website.

18:43 Katie got her first life coach a year ago. She was feeling stuck. She knew what she wanted, but just didn’t know how to get there. And now she’s doing the same for others.

20:20 Katie didn’t seek support right after her divorce. She hid. She admits that she made a mistake of pushing people away and she’s not sure why. Instead she dated quite a bit, but nothing serious. Katie kept herself busy and preoccupied until three years later when she met her second husband. She threw herself into her career, traveled, and volunteering for any additional work opportunities.

23:35 Why life coaching? Katie never wanted to let her divorce become her defining experience. She doesn’t want to hang on to the divorce. Kate wants to let go and embrace the new opportunities. That’s when she considered becoming a divorce coach so she could help others avoid making the same mistakes she did. Then she realized that she was working from a place of anger and thought it might be better to work from an even more positive place. So she chose life coaching.

Life_Lafter_Divorce_Quote_ep51c_coaching“I talk about divorce because that’s part of my life…but I never make that a defining aspect of who I am. Some people say why don’t you talk about that more? That’s your story. …I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of it. That’s not what defines me.”

“Out of disaster came opportunity.”

26:15 Katie doesn’t coach divorcees only. However, relationships do come up often.

“Sometimes expectations are just truly unrealistic when it comes to relationships.”

27:00 Social media doesn’t always paint a true picture of someone’s life. People only post what they want us to see. It’s not easy.

29:15 Having a life coach is life-changing.  

30:13 What lessons has Katie learned that has made the biggest difference in her life? She wonders about giving up too easily. Just because it’s hard, don’t give up. Try again.

Life_Lafter_Divorce_quote_ep51_a_coachingKatie no longer needs to have the last word and be combative.

32:35 People start to evolve within relationships and you either evolve with it or you don’t. Katie no longer needs to be right and have the last word.

38:00 Katie shares how her own family and relationship evolved. They transitioned slowly into a family with her second husband. They discussed their goals for family long before they moved in so she knew they were on same page. “Transparency is key.”

41:04 Katie practices everything she preaches. If she’s not a happy healthy person, how can she expect that from her clients. Stop Everyday It’s definitely absolutely 100% having that self-discovery and and going through trials and tribulations and coming out on the other side just with just a paradigm shift in changing yourself

42:15 Katie always wants to work on becoming a better spouse. If there’s a disruption within that relationship, it can throw off everything else in life

44:37 In a relationships where both parties are entrepreneurs, one big challenge can be taking advice, suggestions, or ideas. There’s a fine line to walk when your relationship is both business and pleasure. Practicing these conversations is very important.

49:00 If you find yourself in the midst of a divorce, stop and take some time to put it in perspective. Hirer a life coach! Take some time to work on yourself. Remember, you can’t change others.


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Tweet: “Sometimes expectations are just truly unrealistic when it comes to relationships.” ~ @thekatiemaggio #Marriage #divorce #podcast #relationships #lifelafterdivorce #podcast

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