Episode 065: Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

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Episode 065 Divorce-Proofing Your Marriage

We’re back again! The Boyfriend is still not feeling well so they’re keeping a safe distance from everyone so you don’t get sick, too.

Life_Lafter_Divorce_Quote_ep65_a_divorce_proofThis week the discussion is all about divorce-proofing your marriage. Leanne and The Boyfriend happened to purchase a copy of TIME The Science of Marriage, All About Attraction * What Keeps Love Strong * Making the Union Last. Their discussion is all about the article, 10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorce-Proof, by Samantha Bee and Jason Jones.



Our summary of Samantha and Jason’s ten tips:

  1. Agreeing on the household chores
  2. Imagine your partner as a small child
  3. No fighting in public
  4. Have a backbone!
  5. Procrastinate
  6. Sex. Do it. – Note – this discussion was edited out due to load traffic noises…
  7. Alone time
  8. Fight while walking, but not around your friends
  9. Share your routine
  10. Thoughtful gifts rather than appliances


Leanne and The Boyfriend take a closer look at each of these tips and share what works for them in a relationship. 

The Boyfriend mentioned that he goes to the grocery store and Leanne manages the laundry. This is because Leanne really hates going to the grocery store. She shares how grocery shopping stresses her out. This is mostly because she shops at Trader Joes (which is great) but there are so many people and the parking lot is nuts. Leanne doesn’t mind going if it’s at 7am when the store first opens.

The Boyfriend does the grocery shopping Yes, they went off on a slight tangent.


Leanne and The Boyfriend add their own tip – maintain your sense of humor!

We want to know if these tips would have been helpful in your marriage or if they will be in your future relationships. Or maybe you have a few tips of your own…Share your thoughts!


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Tweet:  What is the best gift you’ve ever GIVEN to a significant other? #divorced #marriage #relationships #bestgiftever #presents

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TIME The Science of Marriage, All About Attraction * What Keeps Love Strong * Making the Union Last


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