Episode 057: Fun Facts About Divorce

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Episode 57 Fun Facts About Divorce with Leanne & The Boyfriend

Leanne and The Boyfriend did some research and share their findings! Thank you Google for some fascinating facts on Fact Retriever, Factslides, and The Talko (links to websites at the bottom of the list).

  1. Life_Lafter_Divorce_ep57_c_fun_facts_about_divorceWoman sued her divorce attorney because she didn’t realize a divorce would end her marriage.
  2. Most expensive divorce ever – $3.8 billion settlement, the husband stipulated that his ex-wife couldn’t spend any of the money on plastic surgery (alec Wildenstein)
  3. Couples who spend $1,000 or less on their wedding have a higher chance of staying together and those who spend over $20,000 increase their chances of divorce
  4. A woman won $3.5 million in the lottery, hid the money from her husband, and divorce her husband. Her husband later found out and sued her and she had to pay her husband 100% of her winnings.
  5. Mail order marriages are less likely to end in divorce in the US.
  6. If your commute to work is more than 45 min, you are more likely to get divorced.
  7. Russell Brand was entitled to take 20 million dollars from Katy Perry when they divorced, but he didn’t.
  8. There are 100 divorcesevery hour in the United States.
  9. In New York and Mississippi a spouse can sue a third party for being responsible for failure of a marriage in cases of what’s called Alienation of affection. -fact retriever
  10. Trump and Reagan are the only two U.S presidents that have been known to be divorced.
  11. The world’s oldest divorcees are a 99 year old man and his 96 year old wife.
  12. In 2008 a woman asked for a divorced after her husband prosthetic penis extension snapped off during sex.
  13. In America the divorce rate peaked at 50% in 1980 and it has decreased slighty since then.
  14. According to U.S statistics, if one partner smokes a marriage is 75% more likely to end in divorce.
  15. Research shows that couples living in Republican states 27% more likely to divorce than couples living in Democratic states.
  16. In ancient Galdea a man could get divorced by writing letter to his wife’s father or by saying “thou are not my wife.” However, if the wife were to say “thou are not my Life_Lafter_Divorce_ep57_b_fun_facts_about_divorcehusband” she would be immediately drowned.
  17. In the illusion islands, if a man got tired of his wife he would barter he for food or clothes.
  18. According to U.S statistics, if there is a daughter and no son in a marriage the union is 5% more likely to end.
  19. The most commonly cited statistic states, 1 in every 4 families will face divorce. More than 1 Million people have parents who separate or divorce each year in the U.S.
  20. In the Philippines and in the Vatican city divorce is illegal.
  21. Burgundy and Law declared a thata  woman who tried to divorce her husband, should be smothered in a myre.
  22. Divorce is illegal in Malta, even if the marriage is not a catholic marriage.
  23. The mean age of a woman to get divorced in a first marriage  is 29 years old and for a man is 30 ½ years old.
  24. The mean age for a woman to get divorced in a second marriage is 37 years old and for a man is 39 yrs old.
  25. In America the divorce rate for a first marriage is 41%, 60% for a second marriage and 73% for a third marriage.
  26. The fifth Texas court of appeals ruled that same sex couples who legally marry in other states cannot divorce in Texas.
  27. According to a study, dancers and choreographers reported the highest divorce rate, at 43%, bartenders and massage therapist at 38%. The remaining 10% are casino workers, telephone operators, nurses, and home health aids.
  28. The divorce rate for couples above 65 years has doubled since the 1980s.
  29. Divorce is more likely if anyone of the spouse has gained more than 20% of his or her body weight.
  30. If you’ve had twins or triplets that increases your divorce rate by 17%.
  31. Children from divorced parents are twice as likely to dropout of high school and less likely to attend college.
  32. Living together before you get married does not increase a couples divLife_Lafter_Divorce_ep57_a_fun_facts_about_divorceorce rate, if the couple intends to get married.
  33. First marriages to end in divorce usually last 8 years.
  34. Divorce men are an especially high risk of alcohol abuse and in contrast to divorce women alcohol intake falls shortly after divorce.
  35. 6% of American couples will remarry each other again after divorcing.
  36. In 2011 1/3 of divorce filings in the U.S contained the word Facebook.
  37. The average divorce takes 1 year to get through the divorce and 18 months to get over the split.
  38. Einstein’s Nobel prize money went to his wife during their divorce settlement.
  39. 75% that marry partners from an affair eventually divorce.
  40. Phil collins divorced his wife over a fax.
  41. 2007 a Bosnian couple divorced after discovering both of them had an online affair with each other under a fake name.Divorce_song_lyrics_ep57



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