Episode 049: For Better or For Worse Part 2 of 2

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Episode 049: For Better or For Worse Part 2 of 2 with Larry and Christina Johnson.

Leanne and The Boyfriend return for Part 2 of 2 with Larry and Christina Johnson.

We return to find out what Christina did next.

“I I flip the switch and went smooth off on him.”  Christina had Larry come shop for lingerie with her. Lingerie that she was going to wear with another man. Christina admits that if Larry would have just showed he cared – that he was jealous, she would’ve stopped. But he didn’t. She proceded.

It wasn’t until the night Christina slept with someone else that Larry decided to make some changes. Christina didn’t expect that. She thought they were 100% done and that’s why she moved on. But they weren’t done.

Larry did a 180. He went back to church, he apologized for everything he’d done. He even redid that marriage proposal — he redid with a ring and on his knees at a restaurant. Larry wanted to go back to counseling so they did.

Every step of the way they learned something new and got closer to God. Larry and Christina realized that they had messed up so bad, to the point where they just didn’t know how to fix anything. They turned to God to try and put things back. They didn’t know how. There was no trust left.

“I had cheated. I don’t care what anybody says when you cheat you bring some of the person into your marriage and it lingers and it does not go away completely”

“We have almost double digit infidelities in our marriage.”

Larry was going to go to counseling for himself. They’d been to so many marital counselors and nothing had worked. Christina was like, “what’s the point? But Larry invited her to a dual session. This one session changed everything. The counselor asked what things they liked and disliked about their parents when they lived with them? They wrote down all the things that that they had problem with, that they loved about their mom and dad, and things that they wish they could have changed. They had to return the next day to do the same thing with what they liked and didn’t like about their spouse.  THEN they had to read them out loud and share them with each other. It was incredible how they each chosen a spouse who did everything their own parents had done. They were in tears because it showed that they picked each other purposefully. They learned that there was something that could be done about it with some people who could explain what the heck was happening here.

Larry and Christina learned about childhood triggers and fears. Their healing process was long because there was a lot of pain and so time just had to go buy.

At one point Christina had completed all the paperwork to file for divorce, but she held back. She couldn’t do it. So they decided to remain in the same house and raise their children together until they could figure things out. They were still friends and still cared about each other. They started to see that when something was wrong or when the other person was hurt by something. They started addressing issues sooner. They started communicating more.

Larry became more aware of how his actions hurt his wife. Christina started to open up and let Larry know when she was hurting. They stopped hiding from one another.

Larry also started to deal with his past and how to deal with those women who’d just reenter his life. He doesn’t want to go down that road again.

Thoughout this episode we hear one example after another of how Larry and Christina went back and forth hurting each other. They can talk about it all now, but it’s taken years of learning hard lessons. They’ve worked so hard. They’ve search for answers and solutions. They’ve practiced new ways of communicating. They’ve laughed and they’ve cried. They’ve raised seven children together. They’ve shared their incredible experience for us to learn from.

They’ve stuck it out, for better or for worse.

Larry and Christina, thank you. Thank you for being bold and sharing.

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