Episode 040: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 040: Raising Kids and Growing a Business with special guest Cole Patterson

This week’s guest, Cole Patterson, openly shared her lengthy four-year divorce process. She and her husband had two small children at the time, and were fighting over their custody. The fighting only prolonged the process, and ended up being very costly for them both.
The children were witness to this and eventually shared their thoughts with Cole. She was very surprised what she heard (out the mouths of babes…). The children were more aware than she thought.
Today Cole is running her own business selling a line of skin care products for men which is very time consuming. Keeping up with the kids always has its’ element of surprises, too.
Over the past year she has learned to love herself and become whole again. She is starting fresh and moving forward.
I enjoyed her journey and especially hearing about her son and daughter.
Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous.
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