Episode 005: Thoughts from Mom-Nonymous

By lifelafterdivorce|March 7, 2017|Thoughts from Mom-nonymous, Uncategorized|

Episode 005: Kiss on My List with special guest John Lenore

You had your best guest on today. Loved all that he had to say! There was so much more info from him since he brought his notes. And it helped that he talked about it with a friend prior to recording to refresh all his ups and downs in the process of splitting up.  NICE PODCAST & GUEST. You two and your guests covered it all including the money issue.

Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous.

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