The Art Of Practice

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If you’ve ever lived in New York, you might have found yourself looking forward to someone asking you how to get to Carnegie Hall just so you can respond with the age-old punchline, “Practice!”  Funny because it’s true. In a world of fast food, fast cars, instant coffee, and instant messaging, we’ve grown impatient. We want it all and we want it now, especially that end result, without experiencing all the practice opportunities in-between. I know I have. When I was in grade school, my friend Britney (not her real name), played the piano. She could read music and play all the popular songs I’d heard on the radio. I remember how effortlessly her fingers hit the keys while she played. She made it look easy. I thought she was so cool. “I can do that,” I thought. I dreamt of playing the piano like a rockstar in front of friends and family. Yeah, I wanted to be cool. After several years of hounding my parents, I was rewarded with a piano and lessons from Britney’s piano teacher, Ms. Sparkle (not her real name). Then I promptly learned about the myth of overnight success. Ms. Sparkle started teaching me how to read music and play

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It’s all about the journey – all 13.1 miles of it.

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I’ve been noticing that sometimes we get so caught up in finishing a task or accomplishing a goal, we miss out on all the good stuff in-between. I often witness my clients getting impatient and growing frustrated when things don’t turn out perfectly the first time.  I totally get it. And, it’s awesome. Because that’s exactly when good things start to happen. It reminds me of when I ran my first half marathon last February. It was terrible! It was so bad that when I received the professional photos a few weeks later, I immediately filed them in the archives never to be seen again. Yikes! I started training for it in September. Although I used to run pretty regularly, I had never run more than 3 miles a day. I knew that running a race was going to be different so I did a little research. I found a suitable schedule, recruited my neighbor to join me on the long runs each weekend, and even met up with a few local running groups along the way.  In just a couple of months, I started to feel better and more confident in running. I began to eat healthier and lost a few pounds. And you

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Fear is your friend! STOP pushing it away.

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I keep hearing people say how we should push through our fear. “Just push through the fear!”, they say. But should we really do that? And what would be the point of a good scary movie if we ignored fear? Fear is a human emotion tied to the very animal instinct and intuition that helps protect us. It alerts us when we are in clear and present danger. Fear is like the best friend who yells, “Look out!” just in time so I don’t get hit by a car (or step in that giant pile of dog poop). I’m pretty sure you’d agree that this is a friend we want to keep around. Of course, fear has also been known to show its face when we sense a social danger, real or imagined, or a previous danger triggered by past experience. This fear is like a friend who calls and tells me all the reasons I shouldn’t quit my job or write a tell-all book about my dating life. Do I push our friend (aka fear) aside? Do I try to ignore her…and do that thing anyway? Hell no! She’s my friend and I trust her. So instead, I get curious. What are her reasons?

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Episode 099: Thougthts from Mom-nonymous

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Surprise! Surprise! King of the One Liners, Barry Weisenberg, returns to share with us.  Today Barry has found happiness with The Very Best Woman Ever (we’ll refer to her as The Girlfriend from this point forward). They met on The girlfriend, now divorced, had been married for 20 years with two children.  Both she and Barry knew on their first date that it felt right. Barry was single after a ten-year relationship, which gave him a son. Barry shares custody with his ex. Now that relationship is behind him, has finally found THE ONE. They are immensely happy with one another. The Girlfriend has updated his look, cooks for him, and can do his comedy if needed. She enjoys seeing him perform. What could be better than that for a comic? The Girlfriend even likes his son and enjoys spending time with him. Sounds like everything is right for the two of you. It’s better than winning at Bingo! Sorry, Barry, even this blogger can be funny. I do wish you both the best. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like

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Episode 099: Finally, A Very Happy Ending

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      Episode 099: Finally, A Very Happy Ending with special guests Barry Weisenberg and The Girlfriend Barry Weisenberg, Comedian, King of the One-Liners, and winner of Las Vegas Comedy Festival 2006 returns to LLD podcast! This time he brings his girlfriend and we hear about why their relationship works. How they handle comedy, co-parenting, and compliments. It may take some of longer than others to find a great relationship, but they do exist. Links: Facebook: Instagram: @barryweisenberg Full Transcript:  Leanne: 00:05 Welcome to Life Lafter Divorce episode 99. I am your host Leanne Linsky The Boyfriend: 00:10 and I’m the boyfriend. Leanne: 00:11 Welcome back to another wonderful week of The Boyfriend: 00:18 Divorce. I had ya there. Leanne: 00:18 Yeah you did. Hey, while you’re out there tuning in, make sure you rate, review and subscribe. Give us some feedback and also check out the website at I think we’ve sold out about everything in the store, so you’re probably not gonna find anything left, so I hope you found something for your loved ones for the holidays. But Hey, what we do still have his life coaching sessions and that’s a fantastic way to start the year off right. So when you book

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Episode 098: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 098: Moving on After Divorce with special guest David J. Glass, JD, PhD J D Glass Family Law Attorney and Author of a Best Selling Book “Moving On” was an especially informative guest this week. Not only is David an attorney, but he’s also has a degree in Psychology. He worked as a therapist, but decided that law better suited him. He and his first met while in law school. They married, had two daughters, and lived in Philadelphia. A few years later they moved to California which offered big promises. His wife went into Real Estate and David practiced family law. They drifted apart and both agreed it was time to move on. The two of them worked out custody issues for their girls and had an amicable divorce. Being single again meant getting back into a social network with friends in his free time. Prior to divorce, David and his wife went to couples therapy and learned how to work things out in a new way. It was a smart thing to do. They brainstormed solutions instead of knocking heads over one. Loved your idea of holding the egg and how to agree who has the bigger issue right now and deal with that

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Episode 098: Moving On After Divorce

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Episode 098: Moving on After Divorce with special guest David J. Glass, JD, PhD Divorced and ready to move on? Where do you go from here? David J. Glass, JD, PhD., Family Law Attorney, former Therapist, and author of the new book Moving On, Redesigning Your Emotional, Financial, and Social Life After Divorce, shares his divorce experience and the opportunity it gave him to rebuild a successful life. David shares great insight and helpful tips to assess your current situation, learn from your past relationships, acquire skills to prevent repeating lesson, and explore your options to begin creating the life of your dreams. Links:Website: http://www.movingonbook.comFacebook: Full Transcript:  Leanne: 00:00:07 Welcome to episode 98. I am your host Life Lafter Divorce. Welcome back to another wonderful week of hey, we are back and we are excited to be here with you as always, and while you’re tuning in make sure you rate, review and subscribe. We want to hear from you and feel free to check out the website, out In fact, the new year is right around the corner and I invite you to book a Free One on one life coaching session with me. Why not jumpstart your New Year and get it off

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Episode 097: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 097: Reduce Holiday Stress For Your Kids with special guest Alan Plevy Alan Plevy is a Top Family Law Attorney at Smolen Plevy. This was very fitting for your discussion today about holidays and family gatherings, especially between divorced parents. Take time to plan ahead on when and where your children will be going for the holidays. If you can’t agree, get a mediator for help. Be fair, have plans in writing and stick to whatever you have decided. The kids need to know the plan, what to wear, and what to take along for their stay – especially if it’s an overnighter. They may need certain toiletries or a stuffed toy they sleep with. Create some family traditions. Bake cookies, go ice skating, or go sledding. If you’re living in a warmer climate go bike riding or hiking. Anything outdoors can be fun. Other ideas include, board games, reading stories, or maybe caroling. Keep it simple and teach kids to be charitable. Its’ that time of year, and giving does lift one’s spirit. Buying a joint gift (from both Mom and Dad) is great – maybe a puppy or bike that can go with them on their weekends to the other parent’s home.

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Episode 097: Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Kids

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Episode 097: Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Kids with special guest Alan Plevy Holidays are all about kids and family. Reduce your stress and plan ahead! Alan Plevy shares some extremely helpful tips to make this holiday season easier. Alan is a co-founding principal and family law attorney at SmolenPlevy in suburban Washington, DC. With almost 40 years of experience, Alan is regularly named a ‘Top Lawyer’ by Washingtonian magazine. He is known for being a tenacious litigator and negotiator who is zealously devoted to his clients. Links:Website: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: Full Transcript: Leanne: 00:05 Welcome to Life Lafter Divorce episode 97. I am your host Leanne Linsky. The Boyfriend: 00:10 And I’m The Boyfriend. Leanne: 00:11 Welcome back to another wonderful week of divorce. Hey, while you’re out there tuning in make sure you rate, review and subscribe, why? Because we want to hear it from you and hey, while you’re at it, check out the website at We have a whole online store which is perfect for your holiday shopping. Why not get something for yourself? Treat yourself to some self care products like really nice high quality soaps and candles The Boyfriend: 00:39 Get some peppermint candles around the tub. Put you in the

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Episode 096: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 096: The Funny Thing About Relationships with Barry Weisenberg This week’s guest, Barry Weisenberg, “King of One Liners” Stand Up Comedian, tells how relationships affect comedy and vise versa. On board with this is Leanne Linsky, another Stand Up Comic. They compare notes and The Boyfriend joins in with lots of questions. What a fun episode this was! Comedy is a science which takes a lot of  thought, writing, and reflection of moments in their lives. For Barry, it goes back to his childhood, bullying, and rejection. Barry said that at times he had really low self esteem, depressen, and even thoughts of suicide. Relationships can also affect us that way. However, these two comics share more in their comedic skills. While waiting in the wings to go on stage and observing other comics they learn so much. When a comic bombs, and they have all done that at one time or another, they relate to that feeling. They will encourage that comic to come back and do something new next time. The more you perform the more you learn. Sometimes doing comedy makes for short relationships. The nightly hours don’t always work. Significant others have to enjoy your humor and talent. It takes

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