Episode 064: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 064: Managing Life and Avoiding Overwhelm Leanne and The Boyfriend discussed their take and experiences on how to get past divorce and break ups.  Sometimes life gets piled up with other problems during a break up and dealing with all of it takes on more than you feel you can deal with. The divorce or break involves getting through so much emotion in order to make the split happen. You know in your heart it is the only way to achieve everything else. Shift your mindset to keep on moving forward with your life. The divorce does not define, you but how you move forward does. Taking control and coping with it will help you in feeling liberated. If you need extra help with a counselor or life coach, get it. It will be great to feel freeonce again . It’s up to you to take back control of your life. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife, mom, and listener of Life Lafter Divorce Podcast. She’s been married for over 50 years, has never been divorced, and would like to remain anonymous.

Episode 063: Deal Breakers

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Episode 063: Deal Breakers with Leanne & The Boyfriend Welcome back! Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss nut cups at weddings. Leanne wanted to revisit last week’s episode when she mentioned nut cups at weddings. A friend heard Leanne say that and suggested she don’t say it again because nut cups are old and out-dated. Nobody does that anymore. Then The Boyfriend brings up Russel Crow’s jockstrap. Someone raffled it off for $8,000. 3:42 This week’s topic: Deal Breakers. Once you’ve been divorced, do your deal breakers change? And are your deal breakers different for marriage then they are for just dating? The Boyfriend feels that deal breakers change over time. Deal breakers in high school would be different then relationships later in life. Leanne didn’t go to prom with someone with the nickname Satan. She probably wouldn’t date someone who wore Crocs with socks back then. Of course, Crocs didn’t exist then either. Leanne mentions she doesn’t really like black socks with shorts. The Boyfriend said it depends on how short the shorts are. 06:29 Remember Seinfeld? Elaine dated the close talker and many other people with annoying habits. The Boyfriend said bad manners are a deal breaker for him. He doesn’t like it when

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Episode 063: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 063: Deal Breakers with Leanne & The Boyfriend This episode is all about deal breakers in dating, relationships, and marriage. Being an older woman, I see deal breakers a little different than some of you. They do not relate to my spouse, but I have witnessed some of these with friends and family over the years. Being late and thinking it’s OK Answering or checking their cell phone On the other hand not returning your calls Share your shortcomings with others Obsessed with checking out beautiful women in your presence Bad table manners like getting up and loudly blowing your nose Eating excessive roasted garlic prior to meeting you for dinner or a road trip After eating search for lost food behind your partials or dentures Older men love to be cute and flirt with waitresses Men who don’t trim their bushy eyebrows or long nose hairs No sense of humor Men who don’t know how to dress for different occasions I guess that’s all that comes to mind for now. I just thought I’d clue you younger women in on what you may see as you get older. These are my deal breakers. Each week Mom-nonymous shares her thoughts on the episode. Mom-nonymous is a wife,

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Episode 062: Thoughts from Mom-Nonymous

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Episode 062: There’s No Magic Wand in Marriage with special guest Griff Today We heard from Griff. He shared some of his thoughts as a young man in the Army. So many of his buddies were already married that it opened up his thoughts on the subject. Before long, he too was married. But with military life and extended time apart, Griff once again found himself liking his own space. Griff discussed divorce with his wife and she agreed. But he was not going to walk away without her getting a better car. After being single for a few years he met someone new and married again. They shared similar thoughts on religion, finances, and what family life would be in their future. A good foundation for having children. They did have two daughters and a son. Griff advice to his own children as they enter the world of relationshipos would be not to judge each and to remember that marriage is a long term investment. People are all individuals and should be treated as such. When it comes to holidays, you shouldn’t let extended families put guilt on you if you want to do your own things that are special to your wife and kids Through self-awareness and

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Episode 062 There’s No Magic Wand in Marriage

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Episode 062 There’s No Magic Wand in Marriage with special guest Griff Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss how getting married is not magic. There is no magic wand or magic fairy dust that makes everything awesome. People often get focused on planning a wedding event and gifts, dresses, photos, etc. and forget about taking care of each other in the process. If a relationship isn’t working before the wedding, chances are it’s not going to work after. 07:57 Meet Griff! Griff is a divorcee who happens to be a friend of Leanne’s. Griff shares his journey through divorce and how he has learned to apply his life lessons and become more mindful. 09:20 Griff has been divorced since 1996 after a 4-year marriage. He was first married at 22 while he was in the military. He was in the Army stationed in Georgia, and he had a part-time job as a radio announcer. Griff met his wife while working at the radio station and they ended up getting married about a year later. 11:17 Griff felt like he was in a place where he should be evolving. He wasn’t happy just being by himself. All his friends were married. He says maybe it was a

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Episode 061: Thoughts from Mom-Nonymous

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Episode 061: Seeing The Bigger (Legal) Picture with special guest Marilyn B. Chinitz Such great advice from Marilyn B. Chinitz, divorce attorney from Blank Rome LLP. With 35 years of experience behind her, she knows the Do’s and Don’ts of seeing clients through the process. #1 on her list is be informed on your state laws on divorce. #2 Know your net worth, finances, houses , cars,whatever you have accrued as a couple. #3 You need to know about your taxes. This is quite a learning experience and the more you know, the more you will be empowered throughout the process. Divorce can take a lot of time. If you have a prenup, it’s a contract and should be protected. Custody of children is such a touchy subject and can sometimes be hurtful and nasty. Do not bad mouth your spouse in front of kids it scars them forever. Don’t put any of this on social media, computers, or phones. NOT SMART. If you are offered a great sum of money in lieu of your house from your spouse, think it over and check out what repercussions you may be in for. Sometimes it’s not so smart and will cost you in taxes down the road. When this is

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Episode 061 Seeing the bigger (legal) picture

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Episode 61 Use the Divorce Process to Set Yourself up for Success with special guest Marilyn B. Chinitz Welcome to another wonderful week of divorce! This week Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss the legalities of divorce. Leanne had the same attorney for both divorces. The process was fairly simple and Leanne and her husbands shared the same lawyer. There was no point in getting separate lawyers. They had nothing to argue about. Leanne and her husband (both of them) kept it simple and fair. They agreed on how to split their assets and took that information to the attorney. The attorney filed all the paperwork and it was over in a couple of months.   10:46 Meet Marilyn Chinitz! Marilyn Chinitz is a formidable advocate for her clients, guiding them through some of the most challenging transitions in their lives. She concentrates her practice in matrimonial law, particularly high-net-worth divorce actions. Marilyn is a skillful negotiator whose numerous high-profile and celebrity cases have received national and international attention. She has more than 35 years of experience in every facet of family law, including: complex divorce actions involving diverse transactional matters high-conflict custody cases international custody cases including the return of abducted children in proceedings filed under

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