Episode 056: Damsel in Defense

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Episode 056: Damsel in Defense with special guest Jennifer Lester aka Stun Gun Jen The New Year often brings new relationships and Leanne and The Boyfriend want you to be safe. They’re not just talking about safe sex. They’re talking about keeping you safe from any physical harm. 03:15 Meet Stun Gun Jen! Jen is an Independent Crystal Director with Damsel in Defense and dating expert. She found her second (and amazing) husband online, but BOY did she kiss a lot of frogs in her time. Leanne met Jen about three years ago at a networking event in Huntington Beach, CA. She’s since been busy with her business, Damsel in Defense. Leanne mispronounces her business name as Damsel in Distress and Jen tells The Boyfriend NOT to edit that out because that’s exactly what her business is preventing. With Damsel in Defense you’re never in distress again. Damsel in Defense equips, empowers, and educates people on self-defense. Jen offers at home empower hours, just like a good old-fashioned Tuperware parties. If you’re not comfortable carrying a weapon, that’s okay. They teach women how to be self aware, especially in the day and age of cell phones. 08:35 Social media changed things. We’ve become less aware

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Episode 056: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 056: Damsel in Defense with special guest Jennifer Lester aka Stun Gun Jen  Jennifer Lester gave us great information to help empower ourselves and become more aware of our surroundings wherever we are. Jennifer talked of us elderly women who grocery shop by ourselves and what a target we are. I can relate to that. She’s right, and I have always paid attention when doing so and never carry a purse. That’s why we have pockets. We don’t want to look vulnerable. Awareness is key wherever we are, and Jennifer elaborated about this in washrooms, hotels, rest stops shopping and even parking lots. Jennifer also noted the importance of keeping burglar alarms on even when we are at home.  Aside from all that, Jennifer also teaches classes on our behaviors, the risk factors, and how to empower oneself on the homefront and in public. Her classes are taught by a female Black Belt on  basice assault self-defense to more intense training that involves practice with another person. Jennifer is proactive about demonstrating and selling non-lethal weapons. She even offers “Wine and Weapons Party” at your home. It would be the way to obtain a non-lethal self-defense weapon. You can also check out her website to do make a purchas (or schedule

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Episode 055: Thoughts from Mom-nonymous

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Episode 055: Real vs Reality Relationships with special guest Rhonda Richards-Smith  Your guest today is so exciting! Rhonda is a psychotherapist relationship expert –the top in the field of dating and relationships. Rhonda cautions us against asking relationship advice from friends and family who aren’t content with their own marriages or relationships. They many not the best source of help to for you. When it comes to finding the ideal mate, consider making yourself a list of who you feel would be best suited for you. Be clear and positive on this matter as it is about your future. Re-evaluate past your past relationship or marriage and admit what didn’t work. Reflect on why and what part you played in it’s failure. You might want to take a break from dating right away. Clear your mind and take notes on how to improve on yourself, and speak positively about yourself. Surround yourself with friends with positive qualities. As you date, be selective and confident. Don’t settle if you are not ready.. If you have doubts, move on and don’t let others predict your heartbreak. Rhonda, you give great advice on relationships and dating. After having listened to this podcast, I marvel how the times have changed. Your work has

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Episode 055: Real vs Reality Relationships

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Episode 55: Real vs. Reality Relationships with special guest Rhonda Richards-Smith Leanne and The Boyfriend discuss celebrity gossip and the fact that The Boyfriend doesn’t follow any celebrity anything.  Although he did hear that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston recently ran into each other, The Boyfriend says Leanne is enough to worry about. LLD’s blogger, Mom-nonymous LOVES celebrity gossip so she’ll love this episode. 05:30 Rhonda Richards-Smith is an award-winning psychotherapist & relationship expert. Her advice has been featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Huffington Post, BravoTV, Ebony Magazine, Teen Vogue and Glamour Magazine among others. In 2016, she was inducted into the inaugural “Women of Worth” class for her leadership in the mental health and relationship space by Los Angeles-based company, Worthy Women. In 2017, Match.com CEO Mandy Ginsberg also named her as one of the top dating and relationship experts in the country. Withover 15 years of experience, Rhonda is passionate about helping people improve their personal lives, relationships with others and overall emotional health. Rhonda is married with two daughters who happen to be selling Girl Scout Cookies. Reach out to Rhonda and order yours now! Rhonda works with couples, as well as, singles and some celebrities. She often works on articles with

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