Congratulations! You made it to my site.

I know how hard it can be to reach out, especially when you’re in a comfortable place like your couch, bed, same old job, or relationship. You know you may not be in the ideal place, but it’s familiar and you know what to expect. So stepping out of that place can seem like a lot of work. In fact, it only gets harder the longer you stay. I mean, hey, you’ve invested so much time… anyway, I know what you mean.

That’s why I’m here!

I am on a mission to help people just like you get a fresh start, a new perspective, and some fun. 

I was exactly where you are once…maybe twice.

Let me guess, are you in a bad relationship, married, or divorced? Just been dumped or dumped someone else? Want a relationship without having to date? Stuck in a job you hate? Lost a job you hate (Yay!) or love (Boo!)? Thinking of a major career change? Hate your job but scared to leave? Want to try something new? Wishing you could move? Moved and wished you hadn’t? Buying or selling a home? Thinking of starting a business? Want to run off to New York with two suitcases and become an actor or comedian? Wishing you could pursue that big dream you haven’t shared with anyone except your favorite stuffed animal?

Yeah, been there. Done that. So you’re in the right place!

And I’m excited for you.

Because you have no idea how great your life is about to become. Yeah, it is. Because I know you have some pretty awesome ideas rolling around that brain of yours. I know that that flicker of hope, that spark, that nagging feeling that you should explore your options, is what brought you here.

So congrats. You’re right on time.

To take your life from boohoo to Woohoo!


Let the inspiration strike!

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